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The monk's father and his son live an ordinary life in a small old temple. One day my father brought into the temple girl dog and said that from now on she will be a priestess of the temple, and ordered his son to take care of her. The young lad will have to to walk with her, to feed, and of course he will try to fuck her, and not once.

In Game:
- 9 sex events: Loss of virginity, drunk sex, murder, and other sex.
- 5 endings
- 3 women's dress
- There is a gallery where you can listen to tunes from 5 games and also see 16 sex scenes (in two of them play) and 15 sets of hentai pictures (as the game progresses open images and scenes).

- The gifts section (first picture of a wrapped box of), you can give gifts to the girl dog.
- In the second section (picture a pot on the fire) You can make a gift for a girl. In order for it to do just click on a picture, but remember, you must have certain ingredients, which and how many of you have shown on the picture.
- The third section (picture magnifying glass), you can go in search of ingredients for gifts in the woods or on the river.
- In the fourth section (picture dialogues with hearts) You can talk to a girl and a little cuddle.
- The fifth section (B picture) you can have sex with a girl.
- When the girls mood sensor (Mood indicator) will be filled at all (equal to 20), you can have sex with her.

Items giving mood:
- Water: +1 (urinary 1)
- Bouquet: +10
- Dango (balls on a stick): +3
- Perfume: 10
- Grilled meat: 7
- Fried fish: 5
- Fried eggs: 3
- Candy: 3
- Honey: 2
- Fish: 2
- Cookies: 8
- Sake: 3
- Raw meat: +10 (madness 1)
- Flower: 2
- Tea: 3 (urinary 1)
- Essential oils: 5
- Egg: 1

World Events (Give the girl):
- Bouquet of flowers - a joyful event (make a bouquet in the second section, the last picture in the first row).
- Biscuits - a scene of joy.
- Nourishing Tonic (vial of purple liquid) - sex event (make a tonic in the second section, the penultimate picture is in the third row).
- Sake (white cup with blue liquid) - Sex with drunk (make sake in the second section, the penultimate picture is in the second row).
- Raw meat - a scene of madness.
- Essential oils (white cup with yellow contents) - massage with sex (make the oil in the second section, the last picture in the third row).

Events running when the mood sensor girl on high and you have already passed the first sex event:
- Murder during sex - let the girl 2 raw meat and go to section 5 (B).
- Sex with urination - let the girl tea 2 or 2 of water and go to section 5 (B).

Dog Inseminating SEX game androidDog Inseminating SEX game androidDog Inseminating SEX game android

Additional Information

OS Required: Android2.3+

Developer: BlackTiger

Release date: 23.06.2016

Version: 1.02

Genre: Simulation, Romance, Cunnilingus, Masturbation, Sex, Urination, Massage, Tiny Breasts, Cosplay, Anime, Hentai, Unity


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