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Bomber Cat

Bomber Cat android Android



A slightly lewd Bomber Cat game was popular in the protagonist's school. Ageha was a popular girl in school, and the protagonist was crushing on her. Suddenly, a girl in a cat ear hoodie appeared before him, and said - Should I turn Ageha-chan into a game character? When he starts the game, Ageha was in there as a game character...! I can use bombs to take of Ageha-chan's clothes... gulp... The heart racing bomb game begins...!

Break down blocks (bombs!) in this mini-game! Place bombs on the girl's outfits to blow them up!

About the game:
■The girls randomly talk on the home screen.
■Challenge the bomb mini-game.
■Events included.

About the bomb game:
Use items to increase bombs, firepower, and defeat enemies while blowing up girl's outfits...!

Choose your own images to play the bomb game:
You can even use your own images to put together a stage!

In Game:
■Max 4 stage types (including hidden)
■3 H events (all hidden events, with variations)
■30 regular events
■Gallery (view events, freely blow up)
■Hair on/off functions
•Bomb game recommended play on a gamepad
•Lower CPU load from configurations

The game does not work / Change the language:
If the girl's dialogs (text) do not appear after pressing the PUSH START button, then restart the game. Then, on the screen with the uchu logo, in the lower right corner, select the language of the game - English by clicking on the box with the name of the language.

Bomber Cat game androidBomber Cat game androidBomber Cat game androidBomber Cat game androidBomber Cat game androidBomber Cat game androidBomber Cat game androidBomber Cat game android

Additional Information

OS Required: Android 10.0+

Developer: uchu

Release date: 19.08.2020

Version: 2.0.3

Genre: Action, Hentai, Strip, Anime, Big Tits, Erotic, School, Cosplay, Nekomimi, Moe


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