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School Game is a game with RPG elements. You create your character and evolve in a school environement. Learn skills, buy equipement, meet classmates, build your reputation and budget, be a member of the student council and various clubs, and improve your relationship with the head of the student council, which you may decide to replace. Isn't it what everyone wanted in high school, even in student years: complete freedom of action?

School Game game androidSchool Game game androidSchool Game game androidSchool Game game androidSchool Game game androidSchool Game game androidSchool Game game androidSchool Game game androidSchool Game game androidSchool Game game androidSchool Game game androidSchool Game game android

Additional Information

OS Required: Android 5.0+

Developer: Sloths Command

Release date: 27.05.2022

Version: 0.930a

Genre: Adventure, Sandbox, RPG, Hentai, Sex, Anime, Paizuri, Big Tits, Blow Job, Fetish, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Anal, BDSM, Orgy, Group Sex, Bondage, RenPy


English English

Russian Russian

Korean Korean


- Bugfixes


New content:

— A new storyline has been added related to the story character Ayano Yoshida, as well as clubs, student council, and more. Currently, it contains one full-fledged event, which briefly introduces you. In addition, some points were fixed in the already existing story with Ayano, Yuki and Hitomi: some errors and flaws in the text were fixed, oddities in the conditions of event drops, and the system responsible for directions in the diary was slightly improved, where you can see what you need to make.

— Added a new storyline with Meiko Tsukasa, involving romantic interactions without the use of blackmail. Currently, it contains two full-fledged events that can drop out throughout the game, as well as a new system of interactions with Meiko.

— Randomized NPCs can now have sex with each other. This is done in the form of an activity, in which case you can intervene: spy on the process, stop it, or just walk by. All this is directly influenced by the relationship between the RNPCs, their vulgarity, randomness, as well as many other factors. Also, female RNPCs who are considered to be in love with your main character will avoid this activity.

— The abandoned factory now has a bully leader that you can turn to for a favor. There are two of them currently: the first, in which hooligans completely lag you and do not even try to rob / mock / do anything else aggressive, and the second you can order girls of easy virtue from the leader of this group with whom you can have sex for some amount of money. Currently, bully leader is always in an office in an abandoned factory, next to his name is a tag that identifies him as a quest character.

— The activity distribution module for randomized NPCs has been completely refactored. Now, firstly, the code is more readable and understandable, secondly, the RNPCs activities themselves began to be influenced even more by their influence statistics, and thirdly, the performance of the game has doubled or even tripled. Now, if you had delays in rewinding time by an hour with 100 NPCs, you can put even 200 and most likely you will not have any more performance problems. In addition, all this will significantly reduce the number of crashes, if you had any...

— A new event has been added to the game - an interschool festival. It happens every 15th day of the month. During it, randomized NPCs are especially active in interacting with each other, walking around the locations. If you're in school locations, you'll level up 20 percent better relationships with randomized NPCs, new festival-only exclusive items, cheap snacks, and club activities. In addition, it will also be possible to buy certain expensive items from the online store there for cheap.

— Holidays have been added to the game: they take place every 18th and 22nd. There are weekends between them, which is why the total number of days of rest from the educational institution reaches almost a week. Randomized NPCs at this time are much more active in city locations and spend their time.

— Now, by increasing your reputation in the grocery store, you can earn yourself a promotion that will increase your salary. There are five stages in total, and in the end, it will be possible to become a store manager at all.

— Now in an abandoned factory you can get reputation with hooligans. There are nine stages in total, each of which in its own way affects the relationship of bullies to your character. Each time you rank up, you get some relationship points with them, as well as a permanent bonus to interactions. Naturally, the better your reputation with bullies, the less money you need to hire their services. Including hiring girls of easy virtue. You can find out the reputation from the leader of the hooligans.

— Now, every Friday from 17:00 to 18:00, battles held in the abandoned factory, in which your character can also participate. It will be enough to catch this event and choose the appropriate choice. In addition, you can watch the battles, receiving some increase in the attributes and combat experience for this. If you decide to participate in them, then for each victory in battles you will receive a certain amount of money and reputation, and regardless of the outcome of the fight, your relationship with your opponent will not decrease.

— Title system added. For each of your significant actions, new titles will be assigned to you: become the lead of the club, participate in student council elections, get a job - you will be given new titles. The page with them is located on the page where the achievement award is indicated, on the next page after it.

— Added new possible interactions with Yuki Oota, after completing some story missions, which you can completely reset school absenteeism, as well as expel any randomized NPC from an educational institution for a certain amount of in-game money.

— A new small 18+ event has been added to the pool location. You can knock it out between 10:00 and 14:00.

— The "Remove underwear" option when you drink alcohol to a randomized NPC at your party divided into two: "Remove bra" and "Remove panties".

— Randomized female NPCs can now visit your apartment on their own and on their own initiative during the weekend! This is influenced by your relationship and their courage. In addition, a small interval was made for this so that they would not constantly knock on your apartment.

— Now, in the 18+ doggy scene, not only the third basic hair type displayed, but also the fifth type. In addition, some graphical bugs related to accessories have been fixed, so now the perspective in the scene is as it should be.

— Added new random events to sex scenes with randomized NPCs.

— Added the ability to try to beat the leader of the hooligans in an abandoned factory.

— Added a new possible location for a date - the library. By choosing this, you will be able to download the necessary attributes and communicate with a randomized NPC at the same time, thereby increasing relations with him. In addition, success for this requires much more effort than a date in the park, so you should be careful with this choice...

— Added a new interaction in the RNPCs interaction menu to the dialogue category - "Taunt". With it, you can lower courage, sociability, criminality and some other influence statistics if this interaction is successful in exchange for a small amount of existing relationship points.

— During quests in which you need to fight, you can no longer use the opportunity to escape from the fight.

— The background of the entrance to the mall, grocery store, clothing store and cafe completely redrawn from scratch by us.

— There is a new interaction for the moment when a randomized NPC is visiting you - make tea. Thanks to it, firstly, you can strengthen your relationship a little, and secondly, with a 100% chance to add caffeine, sleeping pills or an aphrodisiac to this tea. This option is available once while the selected RNPCs is visiting you.

— Statistics completely removed from the section with attributes, perks and skills. It has been moved to the new Achievement Rewards section on the next page. In addition, new statistics have been added to this category.

— In the perk selection menu for leveling up, added numerical values

of the required points for the level, as well as existing ones. In addition, two new perks have been added to the same menu, which affect the gameplay in their own way.

— Now, the more you interact with RNPCs who have the "Reclusive" and "Weak" traits in one act from the interaction menu, the less relationship points you will receive / less chance of successful interaction. The same thing works with RNPCs, which have the "Sociable" character trait, but vice versa. The more you communicate with him, the more relationship points you will receive for communication / more chance of success for interaction.

— Added a new character trait - "Stalker". It appears if the RNPCs gets more than 70 points of criminality and courage. In this case, if the RNPCs has this trait and is in love with your character, he will chase him around the locations with some chance.

— Added a new character trait - "Coward". It appears if the RNPCs becomes less than 40 courage points. In this case, if the RNPCs has such a character trait, and he is afraid of your character, he will try to avoid contact with him as much as possible, leaving the location somewhere else.

— Added a new character trait - "Touchless". RNPCs can get it if he has low courage and vulgarity. Because of her, he will refuse sex if you are not in a relationship with him.

— Added a new character trait - "Masochist". RNPCs can get it with high courage, criminality and low love for the sweetheart. Because of this trait, the more fear an RNPCs has, the more relationship points you get with it.

— With high sociability, a randomized NPC can now gain the "Sociable" personality trait.

— Added a notification about the closure of a cafe in a shopping center with a schedule for its work. Now you will not be silently thrown out or not allowed into it.

— Reduced the amount of energy consumed from lessons at school. In addition, a new interaction has been added that is responsible for the school - do homework. They can be studied at home or in any of the two available libraries. If you do not do it, nothing will happen, however, if you do it, then you will be given a large amount of experience and intelligence pumping points.

— The existing game files have been optimized, and now it weighs 20 percent less than before, without a strong loss in image quality.

— Now, new things appear in the player's room as soon as a certain time passes. In total, there are five stages in this: the appearance of books, boxes, any devices, clothes and musical instruments. The more you live your character in an apartment, the more things will be furnished in it, and the more comfortable it will look.

— Two new interactive interactions have been added to the player's room: closing the blinds and turning on the lights. These parameters can be controlled at will and each of them will work in its own way and according to its own conditions.

— The player's room can now become cluttered over time if left uncleaned for a long time. Especially for this feature, a new interactive interaction has been added - clean the room. The longer you do not clean, the more books and other things will be on the floor.

— The inventory code has been completely refactored. Now he began to work much better and more stable. In addition, now a scrollbar appears there and, if the number of your items exceeds the available list, you can use all the items in your inventory without any problems. In addition, the list itself is now self-expanding, so there will be no more problems and graphical bugs associated with it.

— One new hairstyle has been added for randomized male NPCs. It can be generated by a RNPCs you have not interacted with before, or it can be selected in the editor.

— Added a description to inventory items that did not have one before.

— The list in the activity menu of randomized NPCs has been updated, which is responsible for the icon of the type of employment.

— Added a warning when your character goes to sleep with satiety below zero that such a dream will not restore energy fully.

— The translation into english in the hitomi.rpy and act.rpy files has been improved.

Fixed bugs:

— Fixed a bug where emotes could overlap/miss if a randomized NPC was invited to their house.

— Fixed a bug where instead of the name "Hitomi Watanabe" in the diary on the quest page, Yuki's name could continue to appear.

— Fixed a bug that could exit because the desired variable could not be initialized when communicating with a randomized NPC and editing a standardized school uniform.

— Fixed a bug where, when entering the perk selection menu, an exception could go beyond the level.

— Fixed a bug where you could call/send SMS to the wrong RNPCs on your phone.

— Fixed a bug where the aphrodisiac was not displayed in the inventory.

— Fixed a bug where if you pour sleeping pills, caffeine or an aphrodisiac into alcohol to a randomized NPC at a party, these items were added to the inventory instead of decreasing

— Fixed a graphical bug where randomized NPCs could be missing arms if they were on the beach and had some special pose depending on the character.

— Fixed a graphical bug where randomized NPCs could be missing arms if they were on the beach and had some special pose depending on the character.

— In some places, the system of influence of perks for new levels has been changed. The perks themselves began to work as originally planned, and they also began to affect many more existing elements in the game.

— Fixed a bug where items in a fight that should not have appeared in the inventory still appeared.

— Fixed a bug where randomized male NPCs could wear female clothing. She could hang somewhere in the air like a dead weight.

— Fixed a bug where when playing after winning/losing a game of cards with a randomized NPC, the amount was given when losing, and nothing happened when winning.

— Fixed a bug where at the beginning of the game an exception could occur if you open the perk menu for level points.

— Fixed a graphical bug where, in the sex scene in the missionary position, the second and third types of eyes could have transparent places in the region of the eyelashes.

— Fixed some typos, spelling and punctuation errors in the Russian and English translations of the game.

— Fixed some bugs and shortcomings regarding the storyline of the game and the path. There are now much fewer stutters that can interrupt story missions for a while.

— Fixed a bug where a randomized NPC with the character "Aggressive" could endlessly talk about an abandoned factory.

— Fixed bugs where an exception could occur during the new event with Yuki Oota and in the new event with randomized NPCs where they invite your character to meet.

— Fixed some typos in biographies of randomized NPCs.

— Fixed a bug where 18+ scenes with sexual encounters with RNPS could freeze and not close. At the same time, manipulations with the game could be carried out.


New content:

— Now the doggy sex scene has a lot more different random events: the text has been changed and rewritten in many places, the more you have sex with a randomized NPC, the more he sweats, and the position of the legs has also been changed. In addition, some changes were made to the emotional part of the scene, a new cock position was added, and it is now displayed.

— Added the ability to choose where to cum to the doggy style sex scene. This is done on the same principle as it works in the missionary position: the more stamina your character has, the more he will cum. In addition, for some options, a gradation of this was also made: the more you finish in any place, the more sperm will appear on it.

— Added the ability to part ways with Yuki Oota and Ayano Yoshida. In addition, the ability to part with them has also been added if they live with your character. Each of them will have their own reaction to this proposal: one will stop communicating with you at all, and the other will react neutrally to your proposal, nevertheless, you should be more careful with these choices because in two cases there will be consequences for them.

— The quest related to the extermination of hooligans is supplemented by a new long event with many choices and branches. The event itself had a new ending, in which you can stand up for the hooligans and be on the same side with them.

— Added a new location - an abandoned factory. It is unlocked by standing up for hooligans in an event to exterminate them, or having an extremely pleasant relationship with a randomized NPC who has the "Aggressive" character trait. The location itself has three sub-locations, and they are mostly visited and rested by randomized NPCs with the same character trait.

— A new location has been added to the city map of the game - the city library. It currently fulfills the same role as the school library, but it is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

— Randomized NPCs will now change their influence stats/attributes based on their activities. If they run in the stadium, fight, or do anything else, they will increase physical attributes. If they communicate with each other, they will increase sociability, etc. Any of their activity will change all the statistics that they have available at the moment. From this, they can even change their character.

— Added the ability to set target a hooligan randomized RNPCs on some other RNPCs. Especially for this feature, some moments in the activity distribution module were refactored, and some behaviors were redone. The possibility itself implies the initiation of aggressive actions, such as beating, robbery, and others, towards the victim, when there is such an opportunity.

— Added a new feature - recommend communicating. With it, as expected, the randomized NPC will communicate with the target you proposed, if there is such an opportunity. Also added the opposite function, due to which the NPC will entirely ignore the selected target.

— Added the ability to move to another location from those available with a randomized NPC at the moment of communicating with him

— The background of the player's room has been redrawn.

— Added a small new event related to the quest character Yuki Oota. You can get it if you cohabit with her, and then with some chance, but this event will drop out.

— Added new 18+ events to the game, made both as an activity and as a regular outgoing event, subject to the necessary conditions.

— Added new reactions to randomized NPCs while active with them. In addition, the old ones have been rewrite and corrected, both in terms of the text and in the condition of their loss.

— Now the clothing preferences of randomized female NPCs can change right during the gameplay from the value of their vulgarity, character and courage. The more vulgar the character, the more he will want to wear something more revealing from the clothing sets. However, even if the value of this influence statistic is at a low enough level, due to the courage value, they can ignore these conditions and wear something completely revealing....

— Randomized female NPCs with the Aggressive, Humorous, and Stupid traits have a new unique pose that indicates their character in the activity menu before interacting with them.

— A new feature been added to the performance settings menu - interval calculations. With it, you can improve game performance by 30-40 percent, sacrificing the accuracy of AI calculations.

— Some requirements and conditions for interactions/events and other content with randomized NPCs been changed. Now this all much more influenced by their influence statistics and attributes.

— Added new topics for conversation with randomized NPCs: talking about crime, talking about cute, as well as talking about politics. Each of them increases their statistics of influence on a randomized NPC: something increases the love of weapons and criminality, something love for the sweet, well, and the last courage. In addition, features also added to existing conversation topics that increase certain influence stats.

— Added the ability to hug and kiss randomized male NPCs. As expected, they will have an entirely different reaction to this: someone will like it, someone will not really like it, and someone will even start a fight because of this, so... You should be more careful with these elections.

— The "learn" button in the school library has been replaced with "read books" which, when selected, will give you a menu of four new options. Each selected book from these options affects your character in its own way: some pump intelligence, some eloquence, and some more affect luck. In addition, each option gives a different amount of experience points needed to level up the character, and requires a different amount of time and energy to learn.

— Added a function that regulates the fullness of the school. With it, you can generate new NPCs right during the game session, and it used in a new interaction - donate money to the school. It can be used by walking through the corridors of the school, and by donating 2000 in-game currency to the school, a new randomized NPC will enter it.

— After an event in which your character given glasses that see through clothes, instead of immediately put on, they will remove.

— The randomized NPC behavior model has been improved: hooligan characters will walk around libraries much less than downtrodden ones, sociable ones will more often seek communication in the location where they are, and recluses will walk in less crowded places if possible, etc.

— Now, the interaction that can break a randomized NPC is available not only after winning a fight, but also in the category with aggressive actions in the chat menu with randomized NPCs.

— Some choices in story events, as well as in events with randomized NPCs, been changed: in some places the text been adjusted, in some places the accrual of affection points and / or other statistics and in others, the course of the event itself has been changed.

— In the randomized NPC editor for female NPCs, you can now customize the shape of their nose. It cannot be generated in the gameplay itself. However, it can be selected in the editor.

— Now, if your character loses in a fight against a randomized NPC, there can be not only one positive outcome, but also three new negative outcomes. Depending on some factors, your character can be humiliated, beaten, stolen money, well, or left in peace in the old-fashioned way.

— The new eye and face shape is now displayed in the blowjob scene for randomized female NPCs. In addition, for this scene, the layer system slightly redone, which is why there should be much less graphical errors in it.

— Blowjob and doggy style scenes now display accessories worn by randomized female NPCs.

— Blowjob scenes with randomized female NPCs now display facial features such as moles and freckles.

— One new hairstyle added for randomized male NPCs. It can be generated by a RNPS with which you have not communicated before, or it can be selected in the editor.

— Courage influence stats now scale with the randomized NPC's fear stat. The more fear he has of you, the less courage he will have. Also works vice versa.

— The "Do not undress NPCs when clicking on them" button in the game settings has been replaced with "Skipping confirmation to exit / change save" due to the irrelevance of the first and increased relevance to the last.

— Now the more depravity a randomized female NPC has or the percentage of drunkenness when he is visiting you, he may change his facial expression, permanently appear blush.

— Randomized male NPCs can now be filmed with a phone camera, which is only available on PC devices, on par with female RNPÑs.

Fixed bugs:

— Fixed a bug where some 18+ scenes might not work and there were no offers to have sex with randomized NPCs.

— Fixed a bug where it was not possible to use the randomized NPC point generation menu, which became available when entering the Patreon code of the Best Friend level.

— Fixed a bug where an exception could be thrown when clicking on the tab with perks for leveling up

— Fixed a bug where events with a secret fangirl could work incorrectly and/or not work at all because the necessary data was not initialized.

— Fixed a bug where a randomized NPC had no luck attribute in the bio menu, and the vulgarity value was superimposed on the luck value itself.

— Fixed a bug where you could endlessly receive a notification that the school closed if you were in the same school during this.

— Fixed a bug where exceptions thrown in some story events.

— Fixed a bug where an exception could be thrown when clicking on a randomized male NPC you have never seen before.

— Fixed a bug where changing the gender of a randomized NPC to male in the editor could result in an exception.

— Fixed a bug where the value of initialization variables did not change when changing gender in the editor of randomized NPCs.

— Fixed a bug where starting to sleep with the "Dreamer" perk from the character leveling menu could result in an exception.

— Fixed a bug where in some events with randomized NPCs the name could not be displayed correctly in the event text.

— Fixed a bug in which an exception thrown in the standardized form change menu for randomized female NPCs, breaking further game progress.

— Fixed a bug where randomized NPCs would not change their form to player-specified form in some interschool locations.

— Fixed a bug where randomized NPCs in clothing and at the beach/school pool could not be asked to show their panties.

— Fixed a bug where when customizing a face using the randomized NPC editor, the scrollbar was not displayed, which made the "Back" button unavailable.

— Fixed a bug where randomized NPCs did not have eyebrows when visiting the player.

— Fixed a bug where if an event where a randomized female NPC asks you to start dating her, and you refused her would throw an exception.

— Fixed a bug where photographing randomized NPCs through a unique feature for the PC version of the game would result in an exception preventing the feature from being used.

— Fixed a bug where when taking a photo with a phone camera, which is only available on PC devices, randomized female NPCs in swimsuits could have sleeves from their clothes remaining on them.

— Fixed a bug where part of the sleeves of the shirt would remain on a randomized female NPC in the editor, even if you completely remove his clothes.

— Fixed a bug where when Yuki Oota was not in the Student Council, she would still be able to exchange money for club popularity points and change her school uniform.

— Fixed a bug where the "Let's date" option in the interaction menu with Yuki Oota would not disappear even if the latter agreed to the offer.

— Fixed a bug where Yuki Oota could handle student council related business even if she was no longer the head of the student council.

— Fixed a bug where a randomized NPC's hand would go through their legs when viewing their photo through a video camera.

— Fixed a bug where in the leaderboard among clubs by popularity points, the value of the club of the occult could have fractional values

instead of integers.

— Fixed a bug where the clothes of a randomized female NPC and a randomized male NPC could be confused if both of them were present in the scene.

— Fixed flaws in the function that checks for the appearance of a randomized NPC. Now it correctly saves all data, and also generally has fewer errors..

— Fixed a bug where in the event to protect a randomized female NPC from a bully, you could start a fight against him instead of starting a fight with a bully.

— Fixed a bug where in the event to protect a randomized female NPC from a bully, you could not be given the continuation of the event after winning/losing a fight.

— Fixed a bug where in a fight it could switch to the wrong buttons, which caused great inconvenience in using this mechanic.

— Fixed a bug where gifts to randomized NPCs could bring both thousands of relationship points and subtract the same amount.

— Fixed a bug where when the activity menu opened, it did not initialize the necessary variables, which caused the accuracy of the written activities to drop.

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