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School Game is a game with RPG elements. You create your character and evolve in a school environement. Learn skills, buy equipement, meet classmates, build your reputation and budget, be a member of the student council and various clubs, and improve your relationship with the head of the student council, which you may decide to replace. Isn't it what everyone wanted in high school, even in student years: complete freedom of action?

School Game game androidSchool Game game androidSchool Game game androidSchool Game game androidSchool Game game androidSchool Game game androidSchool Game game androidSchool Game game androidSchool Game game androidSchool Game game androidSchool Game game androidSchool Game game android

Additional Information

OS Required: Android 5.0+

Developer: Sloths Command

Release date: 26.09.2021

Version: 0.922

Genre: Adventure, Sandbox, RPG, Hentai, Sex, Anime, Paizuri, Big Tits, Blow Job, Fetish, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Anal, BDSM, Orgy, Group Sex, Bondage, RenPy


English English

Russian Russian

Korean Korean



New content:
- Continued the storyline with Yuki Oota and the journalism club. In total, three long events were released, in which more than twenty different choices, many outcomes depending on what you chose earlier, as well added as a new 18+ scene with Yuki Oota. In total, there were 15,000 words of text, so there is clearly something to read.
- The text was changed in some parts of the plot, and new selections were added to the existing events.
- Added six new clothing sets for randomized female NPCs.
- Added a small chance of spawning a randomized female NPC with heterochromia. In addition, the heterochromia setting has appeared in the editor of randomized NPCs.
- Added and changed existing penises for randomized futanari NPCs. Now in total there are 8 variations of penises, 4 of which with phimosis, others without it.
- Emotions during ALL events, interactions and reactions with randomized NPCs have been completely reworked and changed. A lot of new emotions were added to the events, a new function was made for them, and the existing sprite assembly for the game was also redone.
- In addition to the usual changes mouth and eyebrows, when the emotion in a randomized NPC changes, the position of the hands, the degree of openness of the eyes, the blush on the cheeks, and the posture in general can also change.
- Resolution of randomized female NPCs has been changed from 1280x2596 to 1920x2596.
- Added new accessories for female randomized NPCs - earrings and cat ears. In addition, the chance of generating accessories on randomized NPCs has been adjusted.
- Changed the work of the "Dexterous Hands" perk.
- Now, every hour, the fear indicator of a randomized NPC will decrease by one unit if the value of this very fear is higher than one unit in total.
- Added new reactions to the situation with undressing a randomized NPC right on the street.
- Added unique poses for randomized female NPCs with Weak, Recluse and Arrogant traits.
- Added three types of abs for randomized female NPCs. Its relief directly depends on the forces indicator.
- For randomized female NPCs, the vagina was completely redrawn on a more aesthetic and better looking version.
- Added blood and bruises (more than 20 different types) during fights and other aggressive interactions. The blood subsides either after a fight or after an hour of playing time, and the bruises subside after a week. In addition, the location of the the appearance of blood and bruises depend on where do you hit on impact. The possibility of their appearance on the body can be turned off in the game settings, if there is such a desire.
- Added over a hundred new reactions of randomized female NPCs to your character. In addition, the reaction system itself has been changed and now many of them change depending on the relationship, time of day, attributes of your character, and even on the nature of the NPC.
- Added a new interaction with randomized female NPCs - Show panties. Especially for this, a new position of the hands/clothes was drawn, and the very outcome of this interaction changes depending on your relationship with the NPC, as well as on the presence of these panties.
- The system of interaction with randomized NPCs has been completely changed: interactions/conversations with them now include not only a check to achieve the required number of relationship points, but also a certain chance of success. This very success is influenced by many factors, ranging from the NPC's predisposition to sociability, crime, romance, and even ending with the time of day. All the individual characteristics of the randomized NPC and your character are taken into account. In addition, depending on all these factors, the calculation of the received relationship points for the action is also carried out.
- Now the eloquence attribute when interacting with a randomized NPC is added not only for any joint walks, but also for any dialogue. In addition, the very system of pumping this attribute has been corrected and changed.
- Now, with any interactions with a randomized NPC, you can increase his sociability, a predisposition to romantic actions, points of vulgarity, as well as other parameters that are in the "Influence" category. In addition, fear points are now reduced if you interact with an NPC without using aggressive actions.
- Changed the work of appearance features: now, instead of initial points of relations with NPCs, they give a constant increase to the chance of success of dialogue / interaction, and also give significant bonuses to the accrual of these same points, depending on the selected features of appearance.
- The training was updated. In some places, new explanations and tips have been added, while other places have been completely removed for being irrelevant.
- Added a new perk when creating the main character - "Ladies Man". It will make your dialogues and interactions with women up to 30 percent more effective.
- Added a new set of clothes to the editor of randomized NPCs - sports uniform. Initially, it cannot become a permanent set for randomized NPCs, however, this can be fixed with the help of the editor manually. In addition, at school, he replaces another sports uniform if the NPC has more than 50 depravity and the required time interval is running (from 10:00 to 16:00).
- Added new items to the online store: sleeping pills and caffeine. The first one reduces your energy by twenty units. It will be useful in the event that your character has a downed mode, and he does not sleep when you need it. The second increases energy by twenty units, but if abused, you can get a fatal attack, and your gaming session may end there.
- Added the ability to always skip the mini-game in the grocery store without constantly clicking on the selection menu.
- Now, after a dialogue with a randomized NPC, he remains in the same place where you said goodbye for another hour.
- Reduced energy costs for communicating with randomized NPCs.
- Reduced relationship requirements for requesting a phone number from randomized NPCs.

Fixed Bugs:
- Fixed a bug where an error could occur when meeting with Yuki Oota.
- Fixed a bug in which during an event with a randomized NPC, a girl did not change into a sports uniform during a run.
- Fixed most of the bugs related to randomized NPCs and not covering the background/sprite during events with them.
- Fixed many punctuation and spelling errors, typos in events with randomized NPCs. In addition, in some places, the text was completely redone both in English and in Russian translation of the game.
- Fixed a bug in which in some events with randomized NPCs it was possible to strip clothes them using a perk where this function was not supposed to work.
- Fixed a bug where, if you change the "Pubic hair" appearance setting, the setting was not applied to the NPC being changed.
- Fixed a bug where, when changing a randomized NPC in the editor, they did not change their costume according to their preferences.
- Fixed flaws in the appearance of randomized female NPCs, where clothes in the activity menu could fall several points down or up, right or left. The same could happen with direct interaction with them, which has been fixed.
- Fixed an exception that could get out when programming on a PC.
- Fixed most of the errors related to the confusion of the gender of the randomized NPC during events and interactions with them.
- Fixed a bug where, when extorting money from you from the hooligans, choosing the option with cunning did not give you a certain amount of money.
- Fixed a bug where randomized NPCs could start smoking in locations where such activity was initially prohibited.
- Fixed an exception that occurred when interacting with a randomized NPC when he was in the school pool.
- Fixed an exception thrown during programming when playing in English.
- Fixed a bug where the achievement "Weapons for battle" could not be completed, although all conditions were made.
- Fixed a bug where, if an NPC with large/medium breasts is wearing a sundress with something, there could be white spots and lines on the upper part of the clothes.
- Fixed a bug where an exception was thrown when you bullied / humiliated a randomized NPC, and someone came to him to protect him.
- Fixed a bug where, if you try to change the general standardized school uniform of randomized NPCs, an exception about the lack of files was issued.
- Fixed problem with saving on some android / PC devices. Now everything works as it should.
- Fixed a bug where a black stripe could appear on the arms hiding the chest.
- Fixed a bug in which it was possible to ask a female randomized NPC to lift her skirt despite the fact that such was in a swimsuit.
- Fixed a bug where an exception was thrown if some interactions with randomized NPCs were selected.
- Fixed a bug where the position and pose of the NPC was saved when the interaction "Show me your panties".
- Fixed a bug in which a part of the skirt was on the NPC-futanari member during the "Show me your panties" interaction.
- Fixed a bug where a randomized NPC's bra could overlap a swimsuit when changing the standardized school uniform.


New content:
- The story related to the journalism club and Yuki Oota has been updated. Now there is an option where you can support Yuki. This leads to a chain of events with many choices and new mechanics that you can use to change the school and increase its depravity.
- The existing female randomized NPCs were completely redrawn. Everything that was there before has been redrawn and has a new look.
- Added a patreon code for subscribers of the Best Friend level. You can read about its privileges below. In addition, all the patreon codes have been changed, and the system for entering them has been improved.
- Added two new breast sizes for female randomized NPCs: one is large and the other is very small. The latter is available only if you enter a patreon code for subscribers of the Best Friend tier.
- The generation and appearance of new hairstyles has been modified: now, instead of the usual templates, a basic hairstyle is taken, in which you can adjust the length and color of the hair. There are 3 total lengths for 80 percent of hairstyles, and 16 hair colors for each, so this opens up quite a lot of different variations for creating a randomized female NPC.
- Added a dozen new eye colors for randomized female NPCs.
- Added freckles and moles for randomized female NPCs. There are 14 possible variations of them in total.
- Added new accessories: two types of glasses for randomized female NPCs.
- Added two new variations of golfs for female randomized NPCs.
- Added the Futanari mode, available if you enter the patreon code for Best Friend. If you play with him, with some chance in your game, futanari can be generated instead of a girl.
- Added pubic hair for randomized female NPCs that are generated with some chance.
- Some categories have been modified in the randomized NPCS editor: it is now possible to enter the patreon code directly in this editor, and now there are several tabs with settings for more convenient configuration in the appearance changes category. It will also be possible to delete/add/change everything that is available for randomized NPCs at the moment, starting from accessories and ending with hair.
- A new storyline has been added, which can become a good method of earning money at the initial stages of the game: when generating NPCs, one quest giver will spawn, which can give you tasks on bullies at school. For their implementation, you will be paid accordingly. The quest itself is completely finished and has several outcomes.
- Now you can be robbed by hooligans. The chance of this is influenced by physical attributes, as well as your relationship with a particular bully. In addition, there are more than a dozen outcomes for this event, in which you can be robbed, and you can improve your financial situation.
- Now, if you somehow aggress the NPCs, relations with everyone who is on the location can both improve and worsen. In addition, an event has been added for this innovation, in which a friend/comrade can start protecting your victim.
- Now, if you have a bad relationship with a randomized NPC, and he is afraid of you, he will try to avoid dialogue with you by any means.
- Added new interactions with NPCs: "Find out the attitude to", as well as "Get out of the location".
- Added a dozen new reactions of bullies to you in a bad relationship.
- Now, when buying any item, if it weighs at least something, and you have a clogged inventory, you will receive a notification about a possible preponderance and the consequences of this very preponderance.
- Now, if you have already extorted money from a randomized NPC, the button with this interaction is hidden. In addition, the maximum reward for extortion has been increased.
- Added a system for changing the features of appearance: by pumping strength, you can get a "Relief body" appearance feature, and by participating in fights, you may have numerous scars on your body and face. Getting these features of appearance also affects the attitude of others to you.
- A new item has been added to the online store on the computer - a piggy bank. You can put/take money from there into it.
- A new item has been added to the online store on the computer - a school backpack. By purchasing it, the maximum weight increases.
- A new item has been added to the online store on the computer - a metal detector, with which your chance of finding some interesting thing on the beach increases.
- Everything superfluous was removed from the grocery store: edged weapons and a first-aid kit. In addition, alcohol was transferred there. Now you can only buy it at the grocery store.
- The module for changing depravity has been improved. Now the change in depravity is influenced by much more individual qualities of the NPC.
- Added a new choice after winning fights, with which you can psychologically break a randomized NPC. From this choice, he will change his character to a weak one or a recluse.
- The randomized NPC generator was refactored: now it works better, faster and has fewer problems associated with this very generation.
- Calculation of weight, attributes, relationships with randomized NPCs, appearance and much more have been transferred to functions.
- Added 4 new features to the cheat menu for patreon subscribers: three of them are related to the ability to give relationship/vulgarity points to Ayano, and the other cheat is related to the ability to open the editor of randomized characters directly from the cheat menu.
- Information about the age of a randomized NPC has been added to the biography menu.
- Many typos and spelling errors in the Russian and English translations have been corrected.

Fixed Bugs:
- Fixed a bug that incorrectly calculated the progress of pumping intelligence in the classroom/when studying in the library.
- Fixed a bug where the right amount of money was not given out when the right choice was made in the park during a date with Yuki.
- Fixed a bug where it was possible to repeatedly offer Yuki to live together, even taking into account that she already lives with you.
- Fixed a bug where the tab position was reset to its original position when making a purchase in an online store.
- Fixed a bug where after a date with Suzuki, mc could redirect to the wrong location.
- Fixed the 'JPEG loading error' error that was on some android devices.
- Fixed a bug where if there were not enough guys in the school, the guy Meiko could not spawned.
- Now candidates for the student council elections are generated at the very beginning of the game, which fixes some bugs related to this mechanic.
- Fixed a bug where the gender of the NPC could change after some time of communication with him.
- Fixed an exception that occurred when turning on auto-power.
- Fixed a bug where if you enter the patreon code at the very beginning of the game, it could be forgotten by the game already in your room.
- Fixed a bug where when switching to another map location, the activity menu was not closed for a randomized NPC.


New content:
- The story related to the journalism club was continued. In total, 7,000 words were written, which includes a new 18+ scene with Hitomi, available with the right choices, and continuation of the story of your secret fan who sent you her photos.
- Added new events related to a secret fan. Including 18+ categories.
- Added for Ayano a new 18+ scene, which uses a vibrator. It is available in the menu of interaction with a girl during cohabitation.
- Now, if you bring someone to your home, your roommate (If there is one) will react to your guest.
- Added the ability to expel club members.
- Now, if a randomized NPC comes to you in order to join the club, his perks will be shown in the menu of choosing.
- On android devices, gesture control has been added: swipe up-opening the settings menu, where it is possible to save/load game, swipe right - skipping text, swipe down - opening the diary.
- Now you can go to the map or to the diary directly in the main interaction menu in one click.
- Added 14 new achievements, as well as changed the rewards given for them. Now they are more exclusive and will not give ordinary rewards like attributes.
- Two new functions have been added to the phone: photo shooting and gallery. With the help of the first function, you will have the opportunity to shoot randomized NPCs/backgrounds of locations, and with the help of the second function, respectively, you will have the opportunity to view what you have captured. In addition, a new button has been added to the menu of interaction with randomized NPCs, which makes the transition to taking photos. (Available only on PC devices: MAC, Linux and Windows for some technical reasons)
- A new mini-game has been added - a blackjack game (a card game). At the moment, you can playing cards on the strip, interest, as well as for in-game currency.
- Added the ability to invite randomized female NPCs to your home. For the same opportunity, new interactions were added, among which there is both a game of cards on the strip, and drinking alcohol. In general, 10,000 words were written for this, so it will definitely not be boring to study this opportunity - the text, answers and everything that happens around will depend on the character of your guest, his condition and your attributes.
- The gallery has been completely redesigned: all scenes are now distributed by characters, information about the maximum available number of CGs to open in the category of the selected character has been added, and a full-screen preview of any scene in the gallery has been integrated.
- All open scenes in the gallery are now permanent data. That is what you opened once is saved even after starting a new game/loading any save.
- The work on freelancing in the PC has been redesigned: now it is impossible to study/take/fulfill orders with a low energy level, and the reward for the order is selected based on the attributes and skills of the game character. In addition, a complete rebalancing of the time spent on the received reward for completing the order, leveling skills and much more was carried out.
- Online store has been added in PC. You can buy new items in it: playing cards, a game console, a vibrator, two types of alcohol, and several things were added from the grocery store.
- The PC has been completely changed: all tabs open on top of the desktop, they can be moved, closed, and in general, the experience of using a PC in the game is now more like the experience of using a PC in real life. A lot of small pleasant innovations were also added.
- Added a new cheat to the console for Patreon subscribers.
- Increased the time of showing the disclaimer at the beginning of the game.
- Added the ability to preview CG on the full screen in the menu of candidates for the post of president of the student Council.
- Added a new text for different events, which are now affected by the case: for example, now after a fight, if you were not hit, a completely new text comes out, in the outcome of which it is not written that during the fight you had a broken lip. New outcomes are scattered across different events, and in general, you can meet it everywhere.
- Game training has been expanded and also modified in some places.
- The ability to load a save by its ID has been added. In addition, now each save has an identifier specified in the name.
- Auto-saves have been added, available in the "Load saves" category.
- The chance of answering a call from a randomized NPC was corrected and changed. Now the chance of an answer will depend more on the time when you call him, on your relationship and his employment.
- Added new music to the main playlist.
- Added new sounds when buying something, as well as when flipping through the diary.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where the background of a clothing store did not work correctly during various interactions with NPCs.
- Fixed bugs in the interface of the occult club.
- Fixed a bug where the list of clothes could be overwritten after editing the school uniform, which caused exceptions.
- Fixed graphical shortcomings of the page with achievements in the diary: the font is now the same size, the text is in the same position, and the font itself has been changed to a more readable version. In addition, the names of some achievements have been changed.
- Fixed a bug where in some scenes with cohabitation with Yuki, the background of CG did not change to the background of the room, and as a result, the sprite was superimposed on CG.
- Fixed a bug where the moment with Hitomi's a date was skipped in the storyline.
- Fixed a bug where after taking the club management guide, you could be moved to the wrong location.
- Fixed a bug where sprites could overlap in some events.
- Fixed a bug where an exception could occur during fights/interaction with NPCs.
- Fixed a bug where there could be a male sprite in the women's locker room instead of a female sprite.
- Fixed a bug related to the fact that the value of the v_npc variable could not be found, which caused an exception to be thrown.
- Fixed a bug where an exception could be thrown during a call to the NPC.
- Fixed a bug where a male sprite could come out instead of a female sprite during an event with an exhibitionist.
- Fixed some typos in English, Russian and Korean.
- Fixed a bug where the saves could have a different order in the boot menu and in the save menu, which could cause confusion.
- Fixed a bug where the interface in the game date indicator was different in the download menu and in the save menu.
- Fixed a bug where there was an incorrect redirection to 18+ scenes when cohabiting with Ayano. Because of him, instead of 18+ scenes, there were ordinary dialogues.
- Fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed perks in the biography menu for randomized NPCs when playing in English.
- Fixed a bug where there was no "Buy clothes" button in the clothing store when playing in English.
- Fixed most bugs related to music/sounds.
- Fixed a bug related to the fact that on some devices (MAC, some android devices) the patreon code of the game was considered incorrect.
- Fixed a bug where the language selection at the very beginning of the game was shifted by 30 pixels to the right.


New content:
- Three new 18+ events and two promoting the storyline were added for Ayano. A total of 6,000 words were made for these events. In addition, a new indicator has been added to the interaction menu with Ayano - depravity.
- Two new events were added for Yuki: one 18+, the other is already promoting the storyline with a girl. In total, the size of the events is 6,000 words.
- Now Ayano can be offered cohabitation even after you using the wish. In addition, the same opportunity appeared for Yuki Oota. Now, even if you chose the wrong answer option on a date with her, you will have the opportunity to offer her cohabitation in the wish menu.
- Now, moving along the story of the journalism club, Ayano and Yuki Oota will actively discuss your actions and what is happening if you live together.
- Added a new skin color for female randomized NPCs.
- Added 5 new eye colors to the editor of female randomized NPCs.
- Added two new variations of casual clothing for female randomized NPCs.
- Added a new accessory for female randomized NPCs.
- Added four new possible swimsuits for randomized female NPCs (they wear them on the beach and sometimes in the school pool). In addition, it was also added three additional sets of underwear.
- Now, if you don't like the clothes a female NPC wears, you can ask her to change her image, if you have a sufficiently high level of relationships.
- The NPC has an inventory, according to which a list of clothes in the image change is now compiled, as well as the need for gifts is determined.
- New tabs have been added to the biography menu: influence and information. The first one indicates the influence of external factors on the character (love for something, sociability, etc.) in numerical values, and the second one indicates the information you know about the character.
- The code of the randomized NPC generator, the clothing distribution module, the gift menu, the grocery purchase menu, as well as the randomized NPC editor has been completely redesigned and optimized.
- Added a new past to the main character creation menu.
- Added an outline for the item selected in the grocery store.
- Added a clothing store in the shopping center. It has its own range of products that can be used as a gift.
- Added a lot of cheats to the cheat menu. Among them are both the search for the NPC by its ID, and transitions to different plot events.
- Now, if you were not accepted for the first time, you will have another attempt to get a job at a grocery store. In addition, the conditions have appeared, according to which success employment opportunities will be determined.
- The school uniform editing menu has been completely redesigned, starting from the interface, which has been replaced with an easier-to-learn one, and ending with the simplest updating of new clothes. The formulas and conditions for putting on/taking off different clothes were also changed. The points needed for this are accumulated three times faster, depending on the school uniform you have created.
- Added a dynamic change of the "Depravity" parameter has been change every game hour. Depending on the events occurring with the NPC, depravity can either change in a smaller or a larger direction.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where the identification number of an NPC could change during communication with him to the identification number of a completely different NPC.
- Fixed a bug where instead of authority, cunning increased in the new character creation menu.
- Fixed a bug where attributes could be negative values in the editor of randomized NPCs.
- Fixed most minor bugs and bugs in the randomized characters editor: fixed bugs related to the attribute randomization function, fixed most NPC saving errors, etc.
- Fixed a bug where a bottle of soda from a grocery store was in the "Other" category.
- SMS performance on the phone has been improved. Now, if you click on the button, the delay will be several times less.
- Fixed bugs in the interface when playing in English: text that goes beyond the limits, incorrect translation, as well as incorrect line spacing. Among the existing interfaces, the main character creation menu, the randomized NPCS editor, the grocery store sales menu, and the interaction menu with randomized NPCs have been fixed.
- Fixed a bug where randomized female NPCs, if you click on them when they are busy, looked at you with an "evil look".
- Fixed a bug where new activities were not displayed if the game was in English.
- Fixed a bug where the time after the fight remained the same as it was before it.
- Fixed a bug where if you select any character from the list in the editor of randomized female NPCs, this list was reset to the initial position. - Fixed a bug where if you cohabit with Ayano, the list of tasks in the diary did not change.
- Fixed a bug where NPC sprites could have different eye color in the tab where it is occupied and during interaction.
- Fixed a bug where some choices in moments with Ayano could not be displayed due to incorrect calculation of attributes.
- Fixed most bugs related to the accumulation of points needed for changing/removing clothes in the standardization menu of school uniforms. In addition, the clothing distribution module for the school uniforms you created was also affected, which was redesigned from scratch.
- Fixed a bug where errors could appear on a date with Yuki.
- Fixed a critical bug where an exception was thrown if you were silent at a student council meeting.

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