Apartment #69

Apartment #69 android Android



You play as a 20 year old freelance programmer and a college student who has just bought their first very own apartment. The apartment #69. Guide him through the challenges he'll face in trying to get his dick wet, including family drama, jealousy...

Apartment #69 game androidApartment #69 game androidApartment #69 game androidApartment #69 game android

Additional Information

OS Required: Android 5.0+

Developer: Luxee

Release date: 25.10.2020

Version: 0.02

Genre: Adventure, Milf, Incest, Masturbation, Peeping, Jerk Off, RenPy


English English


- 2 new scenes for both Nea and Cha'relle
- 1 new scene for each of Eve, Tess and Jamie
- Massive changes to large swaths of dialogue
- Changed Cha'relle(2) and Nea(5) events to be activateable instead of activating on their own
- Made a new character info page
- Largely remade Tess' story
- Re-rendered old shit scenes when I first started using octane (eve3, eve4, jamie2, nea4, cha2, tess3)
- Remade some parts of Nea(4)
- Remade the map screen
- New UI buttons for most everything
- Changed colors on choice buttons to be readable
- Linked substar
- Removed old sex action menu idea. The green exclamation marks that would crash the game (will be replaced at some point with something better)
- Remade the UI for activating scenes from imagemaps to imagebuttons
- Removed the "you have completed all scenes for this character" etc. messages. You can now see this same info from the character info page
- Remade Tess(3) entirely
- Added animation code interface and button to main menu
- Lain remade the entire codebase making future updates way easier to create