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This set shortly after the events of the Lab Rats 1, but will not require any knowledge of it to enjoy. The game will focus on corrupting your female employees as you build your pharmaceutical empire. The game will feature procedurally generated girls, a detailed clothing and outfit system, and a complex sex system.

Lab Rats 2 - Down to Business game androidLab Rats 2 - Down to Business game androidLab Rats 2 - Down to Business game androidLab Rats 2 - Down to Business game android

Additional Information

OS Required: Android 5.0+

Developer: Vren

Release date: 08.11.2021

Version: 0.46.1

Genre: Adventure, Incest, Anal, Jerk Off, Big Tits, Sex, Cosplay, Blow Job, Group Sex, Titsfuck, Mind Control, RenPy


English English



- Added taboo revisit events for Jennifer and Lily.
- Taboo revisits trigger after you break a taboo for either girl the next day when you enter the same room as them.
- Taboo revisits restore taboos that were broken and present a couple of options to break them for good.
- Taboo revisits continue to trigger until you figure out one of the long term solutions.
- Taboo revisits lower Sluttienss by 10. Permanently breaking one of these taboos restores that 10 (although multiple revisits result in a net loss).
- All taboos can be permanently broken by breaking them a certain number of times. Requirement rises as the taboo severity rises, and is modified by appropriate opinions.
- Each taboo revisit offers a quest option to permanently break the taboo.
- Most taboo revisits have a way to permanently break the taboo with the right combination of character opinions.
- Added kissing/touching/nudity taboo revisit for Jennifer.
- Added oral taboo revisit for Jennifer.
- Added anal taboo revisit for Jennifer.
- Added vaginal taboo revisit for Jennifer.
- Added kissing/touching/nudity taboo revisit for Lily.
- Added oral taboo revisit for Lily.
- Added anal taboo revisit for Lily.
- Added vaginal taboo revisit for Lily.
- Added new taboo break dialogue that is triggered when you've already broken the taboo before, but a revisit has restored it.
- Expanded Lily/Jennifer's Instapic storyline.
- Lily now kicks you out when getting changed before taking Instapic pictures if you have not broken her nudity taboo.
- Added ability to give girls serum while sleeping.
- Added a few text variations when jerking off during a sleep encounter. Also adds extra Clarity compared to not jerking off.
- Serum trade screen is now sorted by serum name.
- Serum inventory screen now sorted by serum name.
- Serum selection screen now sorted by serum name.
- Added scrollbars when serum inventories/lists/ect become too long.

- All actions that cause a girl to climax now trigger orgasm related goals (unrelated orgasms should be flagged, eg. run_orgasm(..., fire_event = False) now)
- Walking in on the same girl sleeping twice in one night will have her in the same sleepwear outfit, instead of randomly picking a new one each time.
- Profiling a subject for Nora takes a non-changing copy of the subject, so temporary states like trances will be properly identified.
- Generating daughters of pregnant girls no longer gives them pregnant bodies as well.
- Fixed milk traits being stacked when milking girls using serum lactation serum production.


- Created strip_actions.rpy file for better organisation, moved pay strip scene into it.
- Created role_prostitute.rpy file for better organisaiton, moved related events into it.
- Moved sex_mechanics.rpy into interaction_actions folder for better organisation.
- Person.get_opinion_score now supports handing over a list of opinions, returns the sum of all opinions.
- Moved situational sluttiness modifers for sex into their own label so they can be called and cleared by other events consistently.
- Detailed person UI now displays if a girl is pregnant, and if so for how long that's been true.
- Added StripteasePosition class. Stores all information for a strip tease position.
- Replaced pay strip scene with highly expandable striptease scene.
- Stripteases support multiple positions, each of which has a unique set of descriptions.
- Striptease poses now allow for a list of description labels to be provided. When called for a random selection from that list is made.
- Striptease poses now seperate descriptions into directions "towards" and "away", reflecting if the girl is looking towards or away from the MC as she strips.
- Added "leads to" field to striptease poses, details what poses the current pose naturally flows to, and the style of instruction that woudl be given, ie "Come closer", "Start dancing".
- Striptease poses have a set amount of arousal they will generate for the MC, and a set amount of energy they will cost the girl.
- Stripteases produce a variable amount of arousal for the girl. Default is 0, modified by some opinions.
- Added "is close" field to StripteasePose class. If True this pose is close enough that you could reach out and touch the girl.
- Added ability to touch a girl who is close. If the girl allows it, this adds your Foreplay skill to her arousal each round.
- Added ability to jerk off. If the girl allows it this increases your arousal by your own Foreplay skill each round.
- Stripsteases now generate Clarity each round. Amount varies depending on how much the girl is wearing, her Foreplay skill, and how sexy the pose is.
- Added ability for girls to climax while giving a strip tease. This triggers a description unique to that pose.
- Added ability to use an Orgasm Trigger Word to make a girl orgasm while giving a strip tease.
- Added ability to tell a girl to strip down while she is giving a strip tease.
- Added "for pay" variants to all of the strip tease actions. Girls will usually ask for money to do things, but are more easily convinced to do things they wouldn't normally do.
- Added obedience branches to all of the for pay branches. Girls with high obedience will do what you want without you paying them if you demand it.
- Added ability for the MC to climax during a strip tease.
- Added multiple climax branches depending on the pose the girl is in at the time, if she's aware you are going to climax, or if you are jerking off at the time.
- Added for pay climax branches. Allows you to offer a girl money to take your load in a specific way.
- Added "Awkward Stand" striptease pose. Lowest Sluttiness requirement, default pose for girls who are not slutty.
- Added "Dancing" striptease pose. Transitions from awkward stand, low sluttiness requirement and default pose for girls who are a little bit slutty.
- Added "Close Dancing" striptease pose. Transitions from Dancing, moderately low sluttiness requirement. Requires you to "call her closer".

- Organic Hair Chemicals and Occular Dyes serum trait unlock requirements corrected.
- Fixed incorrect opinion classificaitons in Gabrielle and Introvert personalities.
- Fixed multiple typos.
- Fixed public sex branch resulting in private sex and vice versa when seducing someone.
- Fixed post-sex arousal math. Now properly maintains Arousal if girl did not climax, decreases it if she came.
- Fixed bug with Serum Lactation serum production trait, should work properly now.
- Fixed hypno trigger orgasm not properly resetting.
- Fixed reveal sexy opinion not properly revealing any opinion at all.
- Fixed some incorrect character dialogue titles and colours in the tutorial.
- Nora human breeding hormone serum trait now properly tracks actual breast size changes, avoids reducing breast size if it was already maxed.
- Love potion serum trait now properly tracks actual Love increase, avoids reducing it if it was already maxed when applied.
- Fixed incorrect event assignement in uniform_disobedience check.
- Fixed incorrect outfit comparision in uniform_disobedience check.
- Fixed incorrect hpyno trigger orgasm logic in sex mechanics.
- Fixed hypno trigger orgasm imporperly returning you to your phone after texting a girl.
- Fixed character sheet displaying non-integer Clarity costs for buying new stat/skill points.
- Added a "cum down her throat" branch to the strip tease climax options.


- Training is now limited to once/turn per girl, instead of advancing time by itself.
- Girls who masturbate at night to relieve high Arousal now return to 0 arousal, or 15/30 if they have a positive opinion of masturbating.
- All orgasms may now cause an increase in Sluttiness up to a limit. The limit is the minimum sluttiness for whatever position they are in, or 30 for masturbating.
- Happiness adjustments towards 100 happen before masturbating now, so full masturbation happiness will be visible in the next turn.
- Arousal while having sex now resets to increasingly high numbers with repeated orgasms instead of always returning to a flat 50. Starts at 50, increases from there.
- Arousal after having sex decreases by 50% if the girl climaxed, or not at all if she did not.
- Added kinetic text tags, which allow sections of text to do things like bounce, wiggle, drip, and other neat effects.
- Added drip effect + new font to the word "cum" when it is used in dialogue and a character has high arousal.
- Added wave effect + size increase to the word "cock" and related terms when a character has high arousal.
- Added wave effect to the word "pussy" and related terms when a character has high arousal.
- Added bounce effect to the word "tits" and related terms when a character has high arousal. Effect scales based on character breast size.
- Added multiple pregnancy related text effects ("pregnant", "knock me up", "knocked up", ect)
- Added "Breeder" special training. Requires Love of creampies and bareback sex. Gives Breeder role.
- Added Breeder role. Triggers some special dialogue, and gives the ability to have sex any time the girl isn't pregnant (or doesn't know yet.)
- Modified Jennifer breeding event to give breeder role if she does not already have it.
- Updated Jennifer breeding event to include a generic path for other characters who have the breeding role.
- Moved the Jennifer breeding event to breeder_role.rpy, now a generic event.
- Added Obedience requirement to having public sex.
- Added dialogue branch when convincing a girl to have public sex.
- Added Orgasm Trigger Word training. Unlocks action for girl that can make her climax at any time (useful for triggering Trances on demand).
- Added ability to use Orgasm Trigger Word while inside the normal sex system.
- Roles class now supports an internet_actions list. These should be Actions which are added to the list of options when texting someone.
- Added ability to use Orgasm Trigger Word via text.
- Added Online Attention Whore trainable. Allows you to set up InstaPic, DikDok, and OnlyFanatics accounts for girls who might otherwise not want/have them.
- Refactored outfit_creator_ui to make coloured squares and pallet squares reusable in other screens.
- Refactored outfit_creator_ui to make colour selector section reusable in other screens.
- Added SerumTraitBlueprint class. Inherits from SerumTrait. Represents serum traits that have a variable componenet that can be set by the player when being researched.
- Researching a SerumTraitBlueprint calls a new label that can be used to define the variable component of the new trait.
- Updated research screen to support SerumTraitBlueprint traits.
- Created _blueprint_serum_traits.rpy file to hold all information related to Blueprinted serum types.
- Added Synthetic Hair Bleach and Synthetic Hair Darkening Agent Serum Traits. Lightens/darkens subject's hair colour each turn that it is applied.
- Added Encapsulated Hair Dyes SerumTraitBlueprint. Shifts targets hair colour towards a selected natural hair colour each turn.
- Added Organic Hair Chemicals SerumTraitBlueprint. Shifts targets hair colour towards selected goal colour each turn, which may be any colour.
- Added Ocular Dyes SerumTraitBlueprint. Shifts target eye colour towards selected goal colour each turn.
- Added weight gain and weight loss promotor Serum Traits. Both provide a small chance to shift target body type up or down one step each turn.
- Breast enhancement and breast reduction serum traits now require weight gain and weight loss to be researched, respectively.
- Laid groundwork to have skin tones be dynamically made in-game instead of requiring seperate image sets.
- Added height increase and decrease serum traits. Shifts subject height slowly over time. Has small chance to grow/shrink breasts at the same time.
- Added self replicating serum trait. Adds near-infinite duration to serum. Be careful, there's no way to end the effects early!
- Moved Lactation Hormones Serum Trait to tier 1 research; removed Breast Enhancement requirement.
- Added a new Serum Production Trait, kept secret here to preserve the surprise! Go find it!
- Added a new role, related to above.
- Added new sex (including foreplay, oral, ect.) responses for all personalities.
- Sex responses now have a random 0-20 added to a girls arousal before it is used to see what she'll say, to vary responses a little bit more.
- Sex responses are triggered proportional to arousal vs. max arousal (instead of arousal vs. a flat 100).
- Transitioning from anal to vaginal doggy style no longer triggers mentions of condoms/getting pregnant if a girl is already pregnant.
- Added sex descriptions when a girl is lactating, with multiple levels possible depending on her arousal, breast size, and number of lactation sources.
- Nora research traits are no longer impossible to improve the mastery of - instead, they require a significant amount of Clarity to unlock. It is still possible to put the trait into a serum and study it by experimenting on a person.
- Added a Nora reintro event. If you achieve Research Tier 2 without contacting Nora she will call you instead, revealing the University location and enabling her other events.
- Updated all dialogue calls from the_person.char "dialogue" to the_person "dialogue". Note for modders: dialogue calls using the old call will not have kenetic text applied.
- Public sex opinion now applies a temporary sluttiness modifier when the girl is watching, not just when she is the one having sex. Affects dialogue, chance a girlfriend will be fine with you cheating, ect.
- Updated all old checks for "role in the_person.special_role" to the_person.has_role(role) to support lookalike rolls, be more human readable, and improve maintainability.
- Added a couple of sections of dialogue for when Emily finishes her tutoring undressed and you run into her mother. She will also try and get dressed properly first.
- Cash bonuses now have a minimum base amount to prevent interns from being overjoyed by $0 bonuses
- Raises now have a minimum amount of $2, to prevent interns from demanding $0 raises.
- Added integration test to verify kinetic text functionality.
- Added section of tutorial to explain/unlock some Clarity before selecting research for Stephanie.

- Incorrect list assignment in Sleep LTE
- Incorrect person reference in daughter hiring event.
- Fixed incorrect serum reference in research advancing storyline.
- Fixed incorrect reference to opinion list for training non-sexy opinions.
- Fixed lactation effects never applying due to integer division instead of float division.
- Fixed shopping invite not clearing character from screen if you refuse.
- Fixed several incorrect character references in handjob descriptions.
- Fixed several incorrect character references in titfuck descriptions.
- Fixed a bunch of typos throughout the game.
- Fixed Gabrielle panty walk-in event never triggering.
- Fixed new Instapic, Dikdok, and OnlyFanatics accounts never being created for girls.
- Fixed Jennifers's slutty secretary replacement event not triggering the correct report event when you talked to her boss first, then had her get larger tits.
- Fixed hiring Emily not actually allowing you to place her in a division.
- Fixed Jennifer occasionally sending you texts saying she was at work, when she was clearly still at home.
- FIxed lingerie shopping date from triggering both the normal and lingerie branch, if the girl didn't want to go lingerie shopping when you asked.
- Fixed Nora's instant trance serum trait from causing a crash.
- Fixed simple aphrodesiac not accounting for temporary sluttiness modifiers properly.
- Fixed inverted opinion check making a girl less likely to give you a handjob in public if she liked public sex.

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