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Renryuu: Ascension

Renryuu: Ascension android Android



Renryuu is an adult fantasy RPG that follows the story of Ryen, A half dragon. After stumbling upon a plot to place an imposter on the throne, Ryen takes the oppertunity to seize power himself. His duties and adventures as the new king will take him from the streets of the capital to the far corners of the world.

Renryuu is a fully realized RPG filled with excitement, danger and the company of beautiful women! Your party starts with just 3 characters, but during your travels up to 12 people will join your group. All 9 girls from the party will have at least 3 CGs, going from a naked scene to a full night of fun once your relationship is high enough. As well as additional CGs of side characters that can be found around the world during your journey.

The game has several special features:
■Explore an open world environment filled with quests!
■The economic system is varied and multi-faceted.
■Construction projects for your country, like roads, a laboratory, mines and others.
■Game mechanics include skill trees, battle dynamics, tradingmaps, minigames and more.
■Engage in international diplomacy.
■Many hours of gameplay .. and more with every update!

Renryuu: Ascension game androidRenryuu: Ascension game androidRenryuu: Ascension game androidRenryuu: Ascension game androidRenryuu: Ascension game androidRenryuu: Ascension game androidRenryuu: Ascension game androidRenryuu: Ascension game android

Additional Information

OS Required: Android 5.0+

Developer: Naughty Netherpunch, RyenSaotome

Release date: 21.02.2024

Version: 24.02.21

Genre: Role-Playing, RPG, JRPG, Fantasy, Open World, Turn-Based Combat, Sex, Monster Girl, Big Tits, Rape, BDSM, Corruption, Blow Job, Anime, Romance, Lesbian, Erotic, Group Sex, Harem, Hentai, Anal, Cosplay, Titsfuck, Humiliation, Slave, Footjob, Prostitution, Pregnancy


English English


- Act 1 of the time skip preview now has a dialog with Frall in Aldlyn, which unlocks a new dungeon area. [You can access the test version of the time skip content when you interact with the sparkling book in Ryen's bedroom in the castle of Aldlyn by selecting the "Time skip preview" option.]
- In the dungeons are level 80 willowisp enemies of different elements.
- Each time you enter the dungeon, there is also a chance for a special rose or rainbow willowisp to appear. They have a 100% chance to drop a special book that increases the level of a party member by +1, up to level 99. The normal wisps have a 20% chance to drop the same book.
- These enemies and the new item are supposed to make getting to level 99 at this stage of the game easier and faster, as level 99 will be required for the class change of the party members. The class change will set them to level 100 and increase their personal max level to 200.
- The boss battle is meant for high level parties with legendary raid quality equipment.
- After the boss battle, you randomly get one of six mini-games or a bonus area.
- The battle and mini-games give you points, which you can use to buy special items.
- The auto-save system is disabled during the boss battle and mini-game phase, to prevent save scamming.
- After the first victory against the boss in the new dungeon, an event will appear on the time-skip screen near the entrance of the dungeon. It contains events with Frall about how to use the emblems for the class change of each party member.
- It's possible to craft both legendary armors Belduro (druid class) and Airini (sniper class) in the nature raid for Mirel now, after she improved to her new class.
- A new full body CG was given to the icespirit Aura. It's just a temporary image, as a new CG is already planned, so that all spirits will have full body CGs of the same, new artstyle eventually.
- Aura also received a temporary CG scene. Similar to the full body image, this CG will be remade later. That's why I didn't make any events for the scene yet, but you can watch the preview of the scene in the CG room, on the "non-human 3" page. The full event around the scene will get added once the new CGs for it are done.
- The max values for stats (HP, ATK, and so on) were increased for all party members, to adjust them for the new max level 200.
- Bookworm? quest bug fixed (Quest didn't finish when you didn't have enough money the first time)
- The Christmas dungeon 2023 entry was fixed (allowed you to walk through walls in that area)
- New full body CG and character sprite for Alexandra Uscyra, the female commander with red hair from Lualombo in Dorgania. It can be seen when you talk with her, or in the CG room on the page of Dorgania.

- New scene with Zaleria. Requires her scene with Ashryn, and Ashryn's solo CG scene. The event starts when you talk with Zaleria first, and then talk with Ashryn when she has a yellow ! above her head when you get close to her.
- The entrance for the 2023 Christmas dungeon was moved from Ryen's bed to the present icon in the bottom right corner of the main party CG room page, where you can also replay other old Christmas events.
- A green book icon was added above Aldlyn in the alpha test version for the war system. It allows you to replay unlocked story events of the war.
- Fixed a bug with the replay of Vampire's beach bikini scene.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Knocky's dialog to not complete the quest step during the "Orchel Trading Route" quest.
- Fixed a bug that caused Thaola's dialog to not complete the quest step during the "About Racism" quest.


When you go to sleep in your bed in the castle, a message will appear and ask you if you want to enter the 2023 Christmas special dream area. The area shows some dream events of the 12 party members, which give them permanent buffs, and you get tokens for the Christmas slot machine.
Be warned. Since the area shows dreams, not everything in it might make sense.
When you leave the area after finishing all 12 events, you'll receive a Riddle Key as bonus reward.

A new event starts when you talk with Lind in the meeting room on the right side of the sleeping chambers in the castle of Aldlyn. It requires her previous CG scenes, and that the marriage system is unlocked to the point where you can pick a wife. It prepares her future wedding by advancing her relationship with Ryen, but the wedding itself isn't part of this update.

In the test version for the war system (which you access via the sparkling book in Ryen's bedroom), you can now fight the battles for Norhall Stronghold, Whitestone Citadel, and Calterburry, after capturing Meddling Castle and defending Parverhill. Calterburry has 2 battles when you fight with the vanguards, or an automatic sequence that plays when you let the army fight for you. After the battle of Calterburry, you get a story sequence, which is the current end of the war system. In a future update, the battles against Amagal will become available after this event.
On turn 8 of the war test system, and when you make the right choice during the automatic battle at Whitestone Citadel, you get a permanent buff to the strength of your regular army for automatic battles.

I added remakes of full body CGs for: Alcena, Lace, and Lind.
Mira's full body CG in different art styles was changed to the same art style as her newer images.

The title screen music was changed for the Christmas time.

- The quest box disappeared when you entered and left the CG room from anywhere but the country overview map. It now properly puts the quest box back on when you leave the CG room in any location.
- The cheat to reduce relationship with party members was bugged. It now works as intended.

- An npc with a ! above his head will appear left of your castle in Aldlyn, near the inn, and start a new quest with Kurohime. Requires the previous events with Kurohime, and the event with her and Citrinne.
- The quests "New Blade" and "Bow Maintenance" finish properly now. For anyone who finished either quest but has it still active in the quest log, you can use the sparkling book in your bedroom and select [Bug fixes] -> "Fix quest log" to mark the quest as finished.
- I added a one time option to gift money from your country budget to the capitals of Dorgania, Begus, and Amagal to improve your relationship with them by +10.
- You can now use 15 Budget to request new trade offers from merchant from other contries on the trading screen.
- Two cheats were added to the sparkling book in your bedroom. One to improve the relationship with Dorgania by +10 with each use, and another one to reduce relationship with a party member by -10, -25 or to 0.
- Fixed a bug with the daily quests in the Black Twin Tower of Honor.
- Fixed a bug which sometimes caused an error when you used the main entrances to the castle in Calterburry.
- Fixed a bug with the White Silver quest, which didn't advance properly when you didn't have the silver ore for Allen immediately during the dialog with him.

- When you use your teleport orb after Jessy's CG scene, and with the wedding system unlocked, a new dialog with Jessy becomes available at the barracks, which unlocks the marriage with her.
- The event with Jessy includes three mini games, and unlocks the option to fish in Aldlyn to get the Fish items without having to buy them.
- You can replay the trip with Jessy via the CG room, which allows you to play the mini games again.
- A bug with Mira's events was fixed.
- I found the issue with the black quest log screens in the android version. Apparently too many rows of text causes the visual bug. By reducing the shown information to a minimum, the quests don't turn black anymore. It's not great that I had to remove some of the details for the quests, like what rewards you get or who gave you the quest, but it was necessary in order to make the system work properly.
This change only affects the android version. The quest log will still show the full details for all quests on all other systems.

- I added a new CG scene when you talk with Vampire on the private beach of the island Amaranthe after marrying her.
- A new quest becomes available at the Aldlyn city board with a bounty for the pirate Biggs, which unlocks new quests at the end for the wedding with Naomi and Shanna. For the bounty to appear on the city board, you require the wedding system to be unlocked, and the solo CG scenes with Shanna and Naomi, as well as their secret onsen scene.
- Palasha's hair color was changed in all CG images.
- Jackie and Lexi have received full body CGs and a remake for their CG scene. They can be seen in the CG room. (Lexi is now also in the CG room, on the page "Monstergirls 3")

The quest log was changed to a new system. In saves, when you're past the introduction dialog to the ministers when you first go into the castle in Aldlyn, the game will automatically start a background event within ~1 sec after loading the save file, to convey the old quest progress to the new quest log. This is a one time thing, and won't happen again, nor will it happen when you start a new game.
[The phase between the start and the dialog with the ministers is a grey zone. The quest log won't get updated until you get the dialog with the ministers.]
In some cases of this conversion in save files, the conditions for whether a quest was done or not didn't have a clear trigger in which the progress was saved, so some optional quests might get put into the "complete" category even if they weren't actually done. It's sadly necessary, but won't do any harm. Every other quest should be shown exactly the same in the new quest log as it was previously in the old version.
I also changed one of the quests that previously ended as "failed" due to the story in it to be "complete" at the end.
The change to the system is, apart from the visuals in the quest journal, just background stuff. The quests won't play any different than before, nor did the story of the quests change in any way.
Please let me know if you like the quest window in the top right corner, or if it's a problem. Should it bother you, you can hide it in the options menu, but I'd still like to get the feedback, if it's a good addition.

I'd also like to know if I should replace the old full body and face images of Shanna and Naomi with their new CGs from this update. The old images aren't bad, but the artist aren't around to make new CGs for the characters anymore. (Like the wedding dresses that I needed for this update.)

- When you go to the secret mine area in Manastyr, and to the purple forest in the east of that area, you can talk with an NPC in the bottom right to get to a new area. Ryen has to be levle 45+ to be allowed to go into the new area.
- In the new area, you have to fight monsters for "fuel" to activate switches, which'll make a boss enemy appear with a special combat style. This unique threat can be avoided for a while if you figure out the "trick" to deal with it.
- The boss always drops 1 of 3 different equipment pieces. The two heavy armors can be used to fuse them together to one of two legendary heavy armors at the nature raid anvil screen. This crafting is always successful. The first result is random between the two option, the second attempt will always give you the missing legendary armor. Afterwards it becomes unavailable.
- A bug which caused Ryen to be stuck looking into one direction after events at the time skip screen was fixed.
- I added the option to use 1, 5, or all materials of the selected kind of bait while fishing in the nature raid dungeon. If it's a valid bait, you get the catch in the same amount.
- I added the option to disassemble raid gun attachements in the fire raid anvil screen, and to craft the legendary AP Bullet Upgrade with purple weapon parts.
- Less messages will show when planting crops in the nature raid dungeon now, if you have unlocked Kiki's challenge. (Which unlocks when you talk with her after defeating all three nature raid bosses.) Since the messages give the hint at what you have to do for the plants to grow, I didn't want them to disappear immediately, but at the point you defeated all three bosses, you should probably know how things work in the dungeon.
- The effect for alcoholic drinks was changed, to fix a bug which caused other characters to get the special skills Elly gets while being drunk.

- The main part of this update is the preview for the "time skip" system and the first part for the war events. The "time skip" system will advance the events after the current end of the main story and is split into different phases. My plan is to keep adding to these phases over time, as it's too much to do it all at once, while also continuing the content of the "current" time. You can enter the "time skip preview" by using the sparkling book in Ryen's bedroom in the castle of Aldlyn.
- Only the "pre-war" phase has events at first, where the story guides you to the war phase. There are some dialogs in the "pre-war" phase you only get when you have previously selected to prepare for war against that nation.
- During the war phase, you can fight with the vanguards, or use a text based system if you want to get through the story faster. (Currently only Begus is available for war.)
- The text based system has a random chance to win or lose battles, depending on various factors like army skill level, special equipment (like anti-cold armor), or choices during the dialogs. Losing a battle this way will cost you only Action Points. There is a special reward for finishing the battle at Meddling Castle within a time limit, but else there is no rush or limit to the AP or turns you have.
- There are 8 battle locations for the current version of the war system: Near Witton, center border of Central and Begus, near Parverhill, the street in the north of Begus, Ironholm Prison, Diminus Castle, Meddling Castle, and one story battle after Meddling Castle. The story battle after Meddling Castle was secured is the current end of the test version. (There are no battles available for Amagal or Dorgania yet)
- At the start of the battle, you can now select to change the formation. It doesn't allow you to move the starting positions, but you can swap the squads with each others, for example, to put your melee units in front, and ranged units in the back.
- In the formation phase, you can also change a squad on the battlefield to one of the unused squads from the reserve.
- The formation phase allows you to look around the battlefield before you start the battle.
- I added little icons to show how troops in vanguard battles are armed.
- Fixed a bug which caused the previously used armor to disappear when you changed the armor of some vangaurd leaders to plain armor.
- Fixed a bug which caused enemy melee squads in vanguard battles to counter ranged attacks.
- I changed the white arrows of the "selection icon" you use to interact with things, for example on the country overview map, by adding a black border all around it. This way it's easier to see on white backgrounds.
- New design for the list of items and equipment of the vanguard forces, and where to get it, to include the new war battles:
For the next update, I plan to finish the vanguard battles and events for Begus (Whitestone Citadel, Norhall Stronghold, and Calterburry) and the war with Amagal. The future story will explain more about some of the things that happen during the war phase in this update.

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