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Renryuu: Ascension

Renryuu: Ascension android Android



Renryuu is an adult fantasy RPG that follows the story of Ryen, A half dragon. After stumbling upon a plot to place an imposter on the throne, Ryen takes the oppertunity to seize power himself. His duties and adventures as the new king will take him from the streets of the capital to the far corners of the world.

Renryuu is a fully realized RPG filled with excitement, danger and the company of beautiful women! Your party starts with just 3 characters, but during your travels up to 12 people will join your group. All 9 girls from the party will have at least 3 CGs, going from a naked scene to a full night of fun once your relationship is high enough. As well as additional CGs of side characters that can be found around the world during your journey.

The game has several special features:
■Explore an open world environment filled with quests!
■The economic system is varied and multi-faceted.
■Construction projects for your country, like roads, a laboratory, mines and others.
■Game mechanics include skill trees, battle dynamics, tradingmaps, minigames and more.
■Engage in international diplomacy.
■Many hours of gameplay .. and more with every update!

Renryuu: Ascension game androidRenryuu: Ascension game androidRenryuu: Ascension game androidRenryuu: Ascension game androidRenryuu: Ascension game androidRenryuu: Ascension game androidRenryuu: Ascension game androidRenryuu: Ascension game android

Additional Information

OS Required: Android 5.0+

Developer: Naughty Netherpunch, RyenSaotome

Release date: 03.06.2024

Version: 24.06.03

Genre: Role-Playing, RPG, JRPG, Fantasy, Open World, Turn-Based Combat, Sex, Monster Girl, Big Tits, Rape, BDSM, Corruption, Blow Job, Anime, Romance, Lesbian, Erotic, Group Sex, Harem, Hentai, Anal, Cosplay, Titsfuck, Humiliation, Slave, Footjob, Prostitution, Pregnancy


English English


- Fixed a problem with the country management map entry after using the war map. Either by going into the time skip test and back out, or by using the "teleport bug fix" option in the menu of the sparkling book in Ryen's bedroom, the issue can get fixed in saves that already have the problem before this change was made.
- A blue-! icon for characters at Havaria Port now shows where you can use a ship for travel.
- Bonus battle 3 showed the old UI when reaching the time limit. This is fixed now.

- The war system in the time skip preview was advanced significantly:

Battles in Amagal:
1. Yin Tower [Dialog with Joel and Yasmine before the battle of either the Yin or Yang Tower. The Yin Tower is defended by Yasmine.]
2. Yang Tower [Dialog with Joel and Yasmine before the battle of either the Yin or Yang Tower. The Yang Tower is defended by Joel.]
3. Barracks [The barracks are defended by Fulbertus. After your victory, if Atherune isn't captured yet, she'll hear about Fulbertus defeat and comment on it.]
4. Manastyr outside [Defended by Atherune. Story dialog with Zavier and Ryland before the battle.]
5. Manastyr inside [Defended by Zavier and Ryland. Zavier does an AoE attack each turn, Ryland "revives" the first time you defeat him. Story event after your victory, which unlocks the battles against Dorgania.]

Battles in Dorgania:
[The battles in the north are more difficult than in the south, but each battle gives the active vanguard squads permanent stat bonuses to make them stronger. This way, more battles give you more story and make the following battles easier.]
1. North Tower 1 [Defended by Lux.]
2. North Tower 2 [Defended by Wacko.]
3. Central Bridge [Defended by Alexandra. She retreats to Lualombo after the battle.]
4. Bridge near Sinasoka [When the Orchel elves are your allies, they'll sabotage/destroy the two barricades of the enemies.]
5. Newkungu [When you're married to Shanna, she'll get rid of one enemy unit after 3 turns.]
6. El Arma Gravesite [Time limit for the battle due to an incoming sandstorm.]
7. Tajurata Fort [Defended by Draven. After his defeat, he'll tell you more about the situation in Kagabangui and the reason for the war.]
8. Luolambo [Defended by Alexandra.]
9. Rakake [Defended by Loki.]
10. Siriveta [Defended by Gawyn.]
11. Sunee
12. Lalizan [Defended by Vaurghas.]
13. Minsk Harbour [You have the option to attack from the water or land at the start of the battle. When the chest isn't looted within a few turns, Phewyss comes with a ship, steals the treasure, and leaves.]
14. Kagabangui [Defended by Barnabe. Defeating him will finish the battle and leads to Dorgania's capitulation.]

- I added four !-events on the war map, which increase the strength of your regular army. This strength value is used during the battles in which you pick the option to leave the fighting to your army, instead of using the vanguards to fight yourself.
- Multiple other !-events show events and dialogs with different characters during the events of the war.
- Ending the turn twice in the war phase after defeating Begus will make a new force appear from the east. They have a story at the start of the battle and after your first victory. Afterwards it turns into a repeatable bonus battle.
- Added an achievement for winning the war against Dorgania after defeating Barnabe.

Other changes:
- Events and CG scene with Selka. Starts in the barracks of the vanguard forces when you speak with Selka after her squad reached level 3, and you had your first dialog with her in the barracks.
- Changed Sparky's brawler battle against Brad to not show the small Brad next to the big CG of Sparky anymore.
- Changes the costs of recruits for new vanguard squads from 4 to 2, as they're not as fast and easy to produce anymore as in the old system of the country management map.
- Fixed an issue which caused Lind's CG to stay on the screen after her last battle.
- Changed the face images of Icespirit in the first encounter with her to the new CG version.
- Added a way to donate Wood and Stone items from your inventory on the country overview map.
- Fixed the exit of the vanguard squad overview screen, so that it brings you back to the war map when you enter the screen from there.

- New brawler battles for Brad. One in the tower east of Kagabanui, one in the tower slightly south of the first tower, and after those two battles you can challenge their master in Lalizan.
- In "Act 1" of the time skip events, the military commanders of the other nations are introduced in multiple events. A lot of them appear in casual clothes, while they will wear other outfits during the war phase.
[You can access the test version of the time skip content when you interact with the sparkling book in Ryen's bedroom in the castle of Aldlyn by selecting the "Time skip preview" option.]
- The new military commanders have short dialogs before and after some of the battles in Begus during the war act of the time skip preview events. You can get these dialogs by using the icon over Aldlyn to replay the battles. (Terese near Parverhill, Robin at the border near Ironholm Prison, Godfreed near Witton, and the other three in the battle of Calterburry)
- New event in the time skip act "Preg." It appears as a sparkling icon over Newkungu in Dorgania when both Shanna and Naomi are pregnant and married to you. After this event, the same sparkling icon will appear in the "Birth" act, and give you a CG scene with the two foxgirl sisters.
- The lightning brawler Sparky, which you can meet in the Black Twin Towers of Honor, has a full body CG image now. She was added to the CG room page "Others 2."
- New full body CG and character sprite for Flaire, the leader of the Thremten thieves guild.
- Fixed a bug in Tsiom's event, which prevented you from progressing Brad's story with her when you changed to the level 200 class before doing her event.
- Changed watchtowers on the worldmap to be "below" players, so that you can walk through them.
- Fixed an issue with randomized battles in the black twin towers of honor.

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