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Love & Sex: Second Base is a dating sim where a geeky guy (hopefully you) gets to be roommate with two very hot girls and meet others in is daily life. The main purpose of the game is to get lucky and maybe marry the girl of your wet dreams, to do so you must make choices and raise your stats.

"I was finished with my mindless day at work, when my life went sideways, it started with a call from Samantha, my roommate and crush...."
- "Hey, Mike I am calling to tell you Ryan and I, we are moving out."
- "Wait, what, when ?"
- "To be honest we already did, but I put out an ad on your behalf for new roommates."
"And that's how I got to meet with my new roommates, Sasha the snarky emo girl and Bree the cute and giggly gamer girl."

The game is structured around a year of 4 months/seasons (summer, autumn, spring, winter) of 30 days with holidays, the protagonist and girls have birthdays and can react accordingly with the calendar. Moreso they can react to each others and if the player is two timing he can get in trouble, the game has a date and a phone system so you can invite girls to dates, ask their numbers and send them dirty texts.

The hero lives in a small house and work a boring office job in a cubicle, during the course of the game he has the possibility to get promoted. Each girl has her own schedule and is at different places at different times, dressed differently and having different activities, when the hero meets a girl he can talk to her, give her gifts, compliment her, ask her on dates, ask her number or her birthday...

In Game:
- Play as a man or a woman
- Go on dates with the girls in 10 different places
- Send friendly, sexy or dirty texts to the girls & guys
- Call the girls & guys to know there location or just chat
- Talk about a dozen subjects or chat about nothing major
- Hang out at more than 45 locations
- Buy clothes and accessories to be more charming
- Go to work and earn money
- Use more than 150 activities
- Experience more than 400 events
- Get girl pregnant
- Body modification (piercings, breasts surgery, tattoo)
- Cheat
- Build one of three different harems

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Additional Information

OS Required: Android 5.0+

Developer: Andrealphus Games

Release date: 27.09.2021

Version: 21.9.1

Genre: Adventure, Dating Sim, Sex, SLG, Life Simulation, Romance, Cheating, Anal, Peeping, Masturbation, Big Tits, Fetish, Voyeurism, Cosplay, BDSM, Group Sex, Blow Job, Dress Up, Titsfuck, Bondage, Milf, Sex Toys, Jerk Off, Footjob, Cunnilingus, Pregnancy, Fisting, Oral Sex, Paizuri, Teasing, RenPy


English English



- Add alexis sexydate kiss
- Add lexi sexydress sprite + kiss
- Adjust Hanna schedule at work
- Cassidy close view
- Command girls to wear/unwear sexy outfits
- Kylie close view
- Kylie sexydress sprite + kiss
- Update Alexis Missionary
- Update Alexis Reverse Bedroom to Alexis Cowgirl

- Adjust android presplash
- Adjusted Harmony's sixth event dialogue to be clearer
- Adjusted activity buttons up to prevent clash with needs
- Anna tattoo
- Ayesha's cinema date story tracker
- Bree returns to her room after a successful coffee post date with Mike
- BreeMC Aletta story tracker
- BreeMC roommate watch tv tracker
- BreeMC story tracker for Scottie and Sasha
- Cancelling watching TV won't pass time
- Car owning logic in Lexi's first event
- Cassidy's status will update properly when becoming your girlfriend
- Fix Kylie showing every night
- Force condom use algo
- MC wants Zbox only if not already bought
- Minami will be allowed to be proposed to after the completion of Angela's arc
- Office showdowns
- Players can now sunbath while girls are present
- Sasha piercings with ropes
- Sasha uses correct time description in her second breast complex event
- Shifted BreeMC Sasha events to dedicated file
- Spank rebalance

- 310 new voiced lines (Lavish, Audrey)
- 9 new sexy dresses (Cassidy, Alexis, Aletta, Anna, Ayesha, Emma, Hanna, Kleio, Palla)
- 4 Home Harem sleeping scenes
- 4 new story events for Bree MC (Lexi)
- 3 new story events for Mike MC (Aletta, Shiori, Audrey)
- 2 new expressions (Hanna, Palla)
- 2 new backgrounds (rooftop, waterpark)
- 1 new sex scene (Lavish, Shiori)
- Android icon, splash, virtual keyboard fix
- Girls SexCount on the Phone
- Pregnancy popup
- Rework impregnate logic
- bug fixes

- 15 new full screen scenes (Audrey, Shiori, Aletta, Lavish, Lexi)
- 15 new story events (Audrey, Shiori, Aletta, Lavish, Ayesha)
- 1 new location (classroom)
- 1 new background (trailer park)
- 1 new music (Office)
- bug fixes


- save update for minami move in
- save update for minami siscon dating
- anna love max workaround


- Add missing blond minami

- Add need max in NG+
- Fix naked sam
- Fix naked audrey in sexydress
- Fix hh ending number
- Fix haircut breeminamisasha
- Fix hero mute
- Fix minami move in


- Disable model render (test if it helps to reduce lag)
- fix preg_request conditions
- add forgotten lexi preg_conditions
- Temp adjust lexi home harem proposal
- Fix morgan dick reaction
- Fix bree sam sasha harem fuck
- Fix snow exception + sex slave status
- minami story tracker
- Showersex creampie anal
- Checks on minami sleeping + add choice for the blond asking
- Dissociate kitchen coffee flag

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