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After continual viewing of Naruto for a several days, you end up near the main entrance of Konocha somehow. You are met by three familiar to you girls: Hinata, Ino and Sakura. Obviously, they confused you with someone else so you put a bold face on and decide to play along.

As it turns out later, you are the invited trainer for girls above mentioned It is time to decide what your trainings are gonna be like Though Since it is a dream, maybe you can have some fun with them

Can something so vivid be just a dream?

Kunoichi Trainer game androidKunoichi Trainer game androidKunoichi Trainer game androidKunoichi Trainer game androidKunoichi Trainer game androidKunoichi Trainer game android

Additional Information

OS Required: Android 5.0+

Developer: Dinaki

Release date: 25.07.2021

Version: 0.16.2

Genre: Adventure, Hentai, Parody, Slave Training, Anal, Anime, Blow Job, Sex, Masturbation, RenPy


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English English

Spanish Spanish

Chinese Chinese

Portuguese Portuguese


- Second floor has been added to the Hot Springs
- Fixed a bug with clicking on the door in the bath
- Fixed exiting the Raikage event when tapping on the edges of the screen
- Blocked jutsu usage during the Hot Springs event
- Fixed bug with flying Ten-Ten bag
- Fixed bug with naked Hanna
- Fixed error when loading old saves
- And other fixes

- +5 new CGs in the gallery
- Added news in the main menu
- Added additional scene with Mei at the hot springs
- Added additional scene with Ino, Temari and Ten-Ten
- Hot springs added to cheats
- Fixed a bug with Ino's panties when the skirt was turned up
- Fixed a bug with Kakashi and the table in the Hokage residence
- Fixed error when clicking on "Options"

- +67 new CGs in the gallery
- Added 2 events for Hinata
- Added an event for Tenten
- Added an event with a clone
- Continuation of the holiday event in the Sakura branch
- Added another massage mini-game
- Added hot springs
- Added the ability to hide the interface on Android
- Added mods support
- Added the ability to send errors to the server. You can disabled it in the settings.
- Added a hint when opening the Forest location
- Added a hint for the walking button
- Added the ability to ask Ino to get Naruto's blood in the training ground.
- Added sounds for buttons and animation for the name input window
- Added fireflies at night
- The technique of viewing through clothes remains active in replays via cheats
- Rewritten character rendering system
- Added aphrodisiac to cheats
- More costumes can be viewed through the window at Hinata class.
- In the massage mini-game, the effect near the active zone has been replaced with a more noticeable.
- Fixed character models in the statistics window
- The system of exchange and trade has been rewritten
- Fixed a bug with inactive items for sale
- Fixed a bug when the icon of the character you turned into disappeared
- Fixed an empty scroll in the Amaya quest
- Fixed bug with transparent Sakura's hands
- Fixed bug with transparent Ten-Ten clothes
- And other improvements and fixes

- Redrawn Hinata
- Redrawn Naruto

Characters added:
- Raikage A
- Mizukage Mei
- Tsuchikage Oonoki
- Karui
- Samui
- Kurotsuchi

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