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Kunoichi Trainer

Kunoichi Trainer android Android



After continual viewing of Naruto for a several days, you end up near the main entrance of Konocha somehow. You are met by three familiar to you girls: Hinata, Ino and Sakura. Obviously, they confused you with someone else so you put a bold face on and decide to play along.

As it turns out later, you are the invited trainer for girls above mentionedЕ It is time to decide what your trainings are gonna be likeЕ ThoughЕ Since it is a dream, maybe you can have some Ђfunї with themЕ

Can something so vivid be just a dreamЕ?

Kunoichi Trainer game androidKunoichi Trainer game androidKunoichi Trainer game androidKunoichi Trainer game androidKunoichi Trainer game androidKunoichi Trainer game android

Additional Information

OS Required: Android 5.0+

Developer: Dinaki

Release date: 31.03.2024

Version: 0.24.2

Genre: Adventure, Visual Novel, Hentai, Parody, Slave Training, Anal, Anime, Blow Job, Sex, Masturbation


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- Fixed a bug when a Sakura's beach event would not start if another event started.
- Fixed a bug when the end of war celebration event would not start.
- Fixed a bug with the Sakura's event "Flower of Love" that required the completion of events from different Sakura routes to start
- Fixed a bug when searching for clues crashes the game if this event was started via cheats.
- Fixed chakra value
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't click on Mikasa when she was running across the map
- Fixed a bug with mushrooms in the forest.
- Fixed bugs with some artwork that was missing a background
- Fixed the camera in the Anko event
- Fixed Ino's position when she gives the panties to the MC
- Added a hint while searching for clues in Sakura's event if the search is taking a long time

- New character: Sarada!
- Added events with Sakura, Sarada and Sasuke.
- Added events with Sarada. Available after completing the new event with Sakura.
- Added events with Tenten after the Arena quest.
- Added event with Temari and Hanna in prison.
- Added event with Ino, Karui and Choji (no NTR).
- Improved some old backgrounds.
- More arts in the gallery now have the option to view the full scene.
- Bug fixes and other minor changes

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