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It's still the same Witch Trainer only with added mods and a decent amount of new content. In it added some new scenes, new favours, a map, scene changes, potions, custom and evolving outfits.

Witch Trainer Silver game androidWitch Trainer Silver game androidWitch Trainer Silver game androidWitch Trainer Silver game androidWitch Trainer Silver game androidWitch Trainer Silver game android

Additional Information

OS Required: Android 5.0+

Developer: Mo, Silver Studio Games, AKABUR

Release date: 24.10.2021

Version: 1.41.3

Genre: Adventure, Visual Novel, Parody, Nudity, Corruption, Humiliation, Blow Job, Masturbation, Group Sex, Bukkake, Big Tits, Sex, Tentacle, Anal, RenPy


English English


- Bug Fixes ~ Fixed screen hiding issues.


- Added animations support for room decorations.
- Added support for replacement images and actions for room decorations.
- Added new office room objects: rug, chandelier, window.
- Added new Halloween decorations:
~ Witch's Rug.
~ Haunted Mansion Chandelier.
~ Jack-Off-Lanterns.
~ Cupboard Halloween Casket.
~ Chair Halloween Casket.
~ Halloween Peeper
~ Stolen Graveyard Lamps
~ Bat Stickers
- Added two new Pidgeons Owls:
~ Snowy Owl
~ Small Owl
- Added Magic Collar item to the item store.
- Added a new icon for the collar.

Writing & Storytelling:
- Added a new Mirror Story - 'A not so great escape' with special rewards (Outfits, decorations).
- Added Magic Collar events that include:
~ New branching dialogues.
~ 5 Events in total, 1 completely new.
~ 5 Uniquely designed collars.
~ Support for early and late progression with various outcomes.
- Added new madam Mafkin chit-chats for new outfits.
- Added new wardrobe chit-chats for new outfits.

- Added 3 belly piercings.
- Added 1 clit piercing.
- Added 5 nipple piercings.

- Added Tier 2 and Tier 3 chit-chats for Luna.
- Added Harley Quinn Cosplay Outfit.
- Added Police Uniform Outfit.

- Added Chun-Li Cosplay Outfit.
- Added Police Uniform Outfit.

- Added Police Uniform Outfit.

Performance & Optimisations:
- Doll Skin layers will no longer be transformed when it is not necessary.
- Removed redundant unlock method for Outfits in cheats menu.
- Enabled Renpy's low memory mode for android devices.
- Further reduced image cache size.
- Disabled mipmapping for android devices to save memory.

Improvements & QoL:
- Adjusted whoring level requirements for some clothing items to make them a bit more logical.
- Adjusted patch detection wording to be less alarming.
- Items that cannot be given to certain characters will now be marked with a red overlay and an indicator.
- Decorations in the inventory will now be sorted by the placement, then alphabetically to help with organisation.
- Added compatibility for quest items so they can be given to characters.
- Added new functions for checking clothing states on characters and individual outfits.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed reported CG issues.
- Fixed ambiguous render sizes for DollDisplayables (self.sizes error)
- Fixed Cho's 'Blow me!' favour points distribution.
- Fixed missing hair for Luna during masturbate events when hairstyle with wand was selected.
- Fixed Luna's stockings being mistakenly added to the pantyhose category.
- Fixed candle glow being obscured by other room objects.
- Fixed fireplace and candles not turning itself off on day start.
- Fixed candles not turning themselves on, on night start.
- Fixed game over cartoon zoom layering.
- Fixed daytime changes affecting animation timers.
- Fixed Tonks' lipstick layers.
- Fixed Hermione potion drinking chibi clothing states.
- Fixed outfit checks not accounting for piercings & tattoos category initial requirements.
- Fixed grammatical and spelling errors.

(Items marked with a mirror are unlockable through the new mirror story only.)


- Added a save updater modal popup informing about performed update.
- Added a new experimental cheat that will let you set Hermione's breast and ass growth stages permanently.
- Added new dialogues during Hermione's Breast Expand events to account for the (lack of) clothes.
- Added naked variants for Hermione's Potion Drinking, Potion Sniffing, and Potion Holding chibis.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed Tonks' Lady Dimitrescu gloves layering issues.
- Fixed syntax errors for Ass Expand events.
- Fixed bad label jumps for Hermione's Tier 4 public request handjob events.
- Fixed Cat potion events mentioning undressing when Hermione is already naked,
- Fixed inventory bug causing tabs other than gifts or potions becoming inaccessible.
- Fixed Hermione's Maid Events crashing due to a syntax error.
- Fixed missing pre-splash on android.
- Fixed save updater sometimes not updating the save when loaded callstack was broken.
- Fixed CG characters becoming corrupted or transparent due to a incompatible image check.
- Fixed Luna's hair item being inaccessible for players who have already completed Luna's storyline.
- Fixed spelling.

1.41.0 BETA

- Added compatibility for saves made with version 1.40 or later.
- Added Snape's Office:
~ Snape now has his own office where he will spend the evenings.
~ The office is a visitable location.
~ Similarly to Genie's Office, you can interact with the environment.
- Added Potion Brewing:
~ From now on you can brew magical potions, each one having unique effects, and events for both personal and public variations.
~ Added potions (so far):
+ Breast Expansion Potion
+ Ass Expansion Potion
+ Polyjuice Cat Potion
+ Polyjuice Luna Potion
~ Added common ingredients (so far):
+ Bat Spleen
+ Animal Hair
+ Dried Nettle
+ Bicorn Horn
+ Fluxweed
+ Knotgrass
+ Leeches
+ Pufferfish eyes
~ Added unique ingredients (so far):
+ Lock of Luna's hair (Obtainable from event)
~ Added quest items:
+ Experimental recipes

Writing & Storytelling:
- Added intro events for Snape's Office.
- Added potion events:
~ Each potion event is split across medium, and high corruption stages.
~ Each potion has multiple variants and additions based on progression stages and character states. (if Hermione has ever drank a potion before, if she drank this exact kind of potion before, etc)
- Added nickname variables for Hermione's final events.
- Expanded Hermione's 'Maid' events to include states such as Gryffindor being in the lead, or low whoring level.
- Expanded Hermione's Tier 3 'Strip for me!' favours to include character states such as clothes, additionally expanded the intro events, and added the ability to skip the strip section and go straight to masturbation if she's already pretty naked.
- Expanded Hermione's Tier 4 'Grope her!' favours to include some light petting.
- Expanded Hermione's Tier 3 and Tier 4 'Show me your Panties!' favours to address progression issues, previous events were moved up a tier, and completely new writing has been added for Tier 3, with expanded Tier 4 writing, and checks for character states.
- Expanded Hermione's Tier 2 'Admire her breasts!' favour to mention previous logical states such as the fact if Genie refused giving her points or not.
- Added chit-chats for newly added outfits.
- Expanded Hermione's 'Suck it!' favour events to include the fact if Hermione kissed someone before (public favour), or not.
- Changed whoring level check and adjusted writing for Cho intro events, where you ask Hermione to stop spreading rumours about Cho and stop her Quidditch equality movement.
- Added chit-chats and reactions to all Luna's outfits.

- Added Cat-girl Transformation. (3 Stages)(Potion)
- Added Breast Transformation. (3 Stages)(Potion)
- Added Ass Transformation. (3 Stages)(Potion)
- Added 'Drinking Potion' chibi.
- Added 'Sniffing Potion' chibi.
- Added 'ass groping' chibi variants for various clothing states. (nude, botomless, topless etc)(Over 30 new frames in total)
- Added 'breast groping' chibi variants for clothing states. (Over 20 new frames in total)
- Added 'jerk off on Hermione' chibi variants for clothing states. (Too many to count)
- Added 8 new CG scenes for potions.

- Added Party Dress Outfit.
- Added Flight Attendant Outfit.
- Added Muggle Set Outfit.
- Added Summer Set Outfit.
- Added 6 fully colourable tattoos.

- Added Tunesquad Outfit. (based on a certain animated movie)

- Added One-piece Swimsuit Outfit. (3 variants)
- Added redrawn bikini underwear.
- Added Wardrobe Chit-chats for Outfits

- Added 'Snape Working At Desk' chibi.
- Added 'Snape Chilling At Desk' chibi.

- Added a new nickname.

Quality of Life:
- Twins will give you any interest they own before any other dialogue takes place.
- Replaced "-Give gift-" menu option with "-Give Item-" menu option and made it possible to give other types of items to characters.
- Snape will give you one random ingredient after you beat him in cards.
- Added the ability to open multiple card packs without having to re-enter the menu.
- Cheats:
~ Restructured cheats and their categories.
~ Added 'Get all Ingredients' cheat.
~ Added 'Get all Potions' cheat.
~ Added house points cheats for each house. (instead of just Slytherin as previously)
- Wardrobe:
~ Added the ability to randomise outfits and their colours. (optional)
~ Added the ability to supress warning messages and prompts. (optional)
~ Added the ability to apply same item colours to all outfits containing this item. (optional)
~ Overwriting an outfit will no longer delete its previously set scheduling, instead scheduling will be inherited by the outfit replacing it.
- Hermione will take her robe off (if equipped) to not obscure the view during certain events.
- Custom character studio background will now be green (screen) by default instead of red to allow easy clipping in graphics editing tools.
- Added tutorial triggers to more places, where it makes sense and is possible for the player to reach.

- Madam Mafkin asked that her Outfits be displayed in a more orderly fashion:
~ Significantly enlarged outfits previews.
~ Added new sorting option that will sort outfits by their 'lewdness' score.
~ Improved text displayable.
- Added 4 new potion icons.
- Added 9 new ingredients icons.
- Added Snape's Office on the map.
- Added potion brewing interface.
- Added potions brewing tutorial.
- Added daily house points animation displaying how many points each house has received.
- Added dark overlays for menus where they would benefit from a more contrasty background.
- Added support for potions.
- Improved tooltips animations and untied it from FPS so they appear more fluid.
- Improved transitions for 'Grope her!' favour events.
- Increased the size of wardrobe icons and adjusted paddings.
- Updated descriptions.
- Updated The Quibbler icon.
- Updated main menu interactive links.
- Improved overall quality of displayed icons.
- Removed prompt asking if you are sure about quitting in main menu and during splash screen.

- Added new music for Snape's Office.
- Added new sound effects.

- Overall reduced a lot of grind.
- When using 'Skip to Hermione' starting option, Tonks and Snape friendship stats will be set to 5, to simulate the value a player would reach if they did not skip the introduction.
- Combined Tonks' and Snape's support into friendship stat as both represented the same thing.
- Increased Slytherin points gains from Snape's hangout events.
- Increased Hufflepuff points gains from Tonks' hangout events.
- Reworked daily house points gains through the introduction of a logarithmic algorithm that will balance points based on player progression rather than complete randomness, making friendship stat for teachers more relevant and rewarding, but also making it easier for the player to maintain desired points stats with less work.
- Reduced the cost of some items.
- Hermione's mood will go down when Genie and Snape jerk off on her under Tier 5.
- Adjusted points gains in some events.
- Adjusted Hermione's and Genie's nicknames required levels.
- Reworked and significantly boosted gold gains through a algorithm that will balance the gains based on current progression rather than static values, allowing the player to focus on playing the game rather than farming gold.

Performance & Optimisations:
- Android build should overall be more stable.
- Slight optimisation for icon cropping.
- Enabled sub-pixel rendering to increase precision for icon scaling.
- Enabled mip-maps for Text, Transitions to reduce memory usage for those types of displayables.
- Reworked maximum image cache size to be based on window resolution rather than static, reducing memory usage.
- On Windows machines, the game will default to DirectX (angle) renderer in order to address some raw OpenGL rendering issues on some devices. (This change can be reverted at any time in the preferences menu)
- Disabled assets preloading on android to reduce memory footprint on low-memory devices.
- Disabled events inheritance for Doll displayables.
- Improved rollback performance.
- Added proper render methods for Doll displayables, reducing overhead.
- Memory will be freed upon opening wardrobe, reducing number of memory-related isues.
- Reduced memory use for wardrobe elements.
- Fixed leaking displayable size.
- Fixed a memory leak related to rollback.

- Updated game engine to version 7.4.9 and fixed related incompatibilities.
- Updated credits.
- Added 'flip' parameter to walking chibis, allowing changing their initial facing direction.
- Added 'remove_old' parameter, allowing to defer replacing previously equipped outfits, when equipping a new one.
- Added 'addons' parameters to outfits, to allow them to add multiple pieces of the same clothing type
- Added infinite uses for certain items.
- Added edge case handling for events class to avoid icon related crashes.
- Added GPU info section inside preferences to indicate current GPU, drivers, and renderer in use.
- Added renderer info to window title.
- Added missing tooltip for the fireplace.
- Improved Expression Editor:
~ Support for rollback, restarts, and edge case handling.
~ Improved performance.
~ Improved transition lookup.
- Cheats will give maximum obtainable value of a given item rather than hardcoded value.
- Refactored chibi states (partially).
- Added new backside layer to Hermione, and adjusted zorders.
- Improved CG camera handlers and set functions.

Bug fixes:
- Disallow rolling back to loading screen in some rare cases.
- Fixed a rare save breaking bug for when an update is performed.
- Fixed Outfits Scheduling toggle not exitting from Scheduling tab when clicked from within Scheduling tab.
- Fixed Scroll 2 typo in a label call.
- Fixed smoke positioning when Tonks uses floo powder.
- Fixed Cho's clothed not being picked off the floor on one of the events.
- Fixed Tonks' Lady Dimitrescu Outfit hat icon.
- Fixed letter opening crash during the game ending events.
- Fixed outfit overwrite message.
- Fixed achievements window pop-up.
- Added writing for Quidditch Guide for when Genie already knew its contents.
- Fixed currently selected renderer indicator sometimes displaying wrong renderer being selected.
- Fixed zorder issues present in some menus.
- Fixed hermione's dancing chibi animation in some events.
- Fixed black heart not being displayed for Hermione's Tier 2 'Strip for me!' favour.
- Fixed non-keyword arguments placed after keyword arguments in some event calls.
- Fixed preload rollback block affecting expression editor.
- Fixed some non-existent expression calls in Hermione events.
- Fixed missing shadows on some chibis.
- Fixed fade tranistions in some events.
- Fixed timing on Hermione's fingering animation chibi.
- Fixed missing underwear for Luna when an outfit was re-equipped.
- Fixed double commas in some calls.
- Fixed error messages for character related functions.
- Fixed spelling and grammatical errors.
- Fixed Hermione's Maid Outfit containing two items of the same type, causing various issues.
- Fixed CG camera transitions.
- Fixed scale and position of trophy decorations.
- Fixed hover action breaking room object image dimensions.
- Fixed scrollbar thumb null image request.
- Fixed Luna's newspaper arriving a day too early when ordered during daytime.
- Fixed a rare crash in tooltip when an update is performed.

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