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It's still the same Witch Trainer only with added mods and a decent amount of new content. In it added some new scenes, new favours, a map, scene changes, potions, custom and evolving outfits.

Witch Trainer Silver game androidWitch Trainer Silver game androidWitch Trainer Silver game androidWitch Trainer Silver game androidWitch Trainer Silver game androidWitch Trainer Silver game android

Additional Information

OS Required: Android 5.0+

Developer: Mo, Silver Studio Games, AKABUR

Release date: 22.04.2020

Version: 1.38.5

Genre: Adventure, Visual Novel, Parody, Nudity, Corruption, Humiliation, Blow Job, Masturbation, Group Sex, Bukkake, Big Tits, Sex, Tentacle, Anal, RenPy


English English


- Added 4 new pubic hairstyles for Hermione, Tonks, Cho, Astoria.
- Added Tattoo & Piercing tab sections for Astoria, Tonks.
- Added modification indicators for clothes, outfits and export images.
- Added indicator for disabled underwear tabs.
- Added headpats. OwO
- Improved doll transitions and image output.
- Improved clothes for Cho: Bikini Outfit, Sailor Outfit.
- Changed behaviour of the mods loader to require maintenance of the mod only between major releases unless said otherwise.
- Fixed Tonks hair colour mismatch in the wardrobe.
- Fixed dialogue logic in Astorias introductory event.
- Fixed Susans height in the stats menu to match it closer to her sprite equivalent.
- Fixed cum layers persisting throughout events.
- Fixed wrongly assigned Y position in Hermiones groping events.
- Fixed missing move transition in the editor dictionary.
- Fixed sprite position in Hermiones BJ favours.
- Fixed body hue not working for arm layers.
- Fixed an issue caused by rolling back after the save update.
- Fixed Lunas stewardess hat for short hair style.
- Fixed image fallback function causing an error when called from within a Displayable.
- Fixed Hermiones underwear hint message displaying incorrect value.
- Fixed cache miss for doll displayables.
- Fixed alpha channel in the studio by flattening the displayable.
- Fixed unequippable lockhart signature for Hermione.
- Fixed Outfits deletion working incorrectly in the Wardrobe.
- Fixed overflowing character sprites in the Wardrobe when using very wide images.
- Fixed overflowing item icons caused by miscalculated positions.
- Fixed empty (fill) icons not working for pages above zero in the wardrobe.
- Fixed and improved outfits icons.
- Fixed modded items causing a crash when saved.
- Fixed modded items causing a crash when exported.
- Fixed character studio context.
- Fixed arm layers for Outfits.
- Fixed easter egg positioning.
- Fixed equippable bras for characters with too low level.
- Fixed typos and spelling errors.
- Removed prediction for clothes in the wardrobe to avoid cache overload.
- Code cleanup and refactoring.

- Added clothing store option for next day delivery (for a 20% item-price increase.)
- Added cheats to skip Cho's intro & Quiz.
- Increased chance to see one of Tonks or Snape's hangout events from 50% to 100%.
- Lowered overall Slytherin points gain from Tonks and Snape.
- Tonks now gives bonus points to Hufflepuff when they're behind in points.
- Tonks & Snape's friendship level now increases quicker after each hangout.
- Hanging with Tonks while the fire is burning increases her friendship level by 2 (She likes feeling hot & sweaty!)
- Hanging with Snape while it's raining, or when there is a blizzard, increases his friendship level by 2 (Puts him in a good mood...)
- Added a new chibi of Luna sitting on Genies lap.
- Added Tattoo & Piercing wardrobe section for Hermione.
- Enabled transparency slider for makeup and tattoos.

- Added new outfits for Hermione:
~ Lora Craft Outfit
~ Halloween Witch Outfit
~ Latex Outfit
~ Slutty Schoolgirl Outfit
~ Heart Slut Outfit
~ Ms Marvel Outfit
~ Tifa Outfit
~ Teddy Nightie Outfit
~ Fishnet Outfit
~ Muggle Spring Outfit
~ Muggle Winter Outfit (3 variants)
~ Sling bikini Outfit
~ Casual Outfit (2 variants)
~ Cheerleader Outfit (2 variants)

~ Misc:
* Bandaids bra, gift wrap accessory.
* Tattoos (15 variants)
* Freckles makeup (4 variants)

- Added confirm action during game quitting from within the menu.
- Added Hermione dance transform-based animation.
- Added New Tonks hairstyle.
- Added new outfit related chit-chats for Madam Mafkin.
- Added outfit descriptions in the store.
- Updated Tonks chibi.
- Updated wardrobe icons.
- Updated Hermione outfits prices.
- Adjusted cupboard item drop rate logic on Normal difficulty.
- Adjusted statistics menu to show last visited character by default.
- Revamped whitespace calculation function.
- Fixed wardrobe underwear tab being locked for everyone when Hermione had worn blacklisted items.
- Fixed book item descriptions.
- Fixed grammar.
- Fixed Chos and Tonks gift responses.
- Fixed twins profit cap.
- Fixed Chos sport underwear hand issues.
- Fixed overlapping characters during Lunas and Hermiones events.
- Fixed hearts in Astoria events.
- Fixed cum layers for Hermione poses.
- Fixed Tonks bust layer for corset.
- Fixed ValueError affecting saving and loading menu caused by old save version variable.
- Fixed Hermione retaining parts of clothes during some events.
- Fixed stockings and accessories not getting hidden while in the Piercing & Tattoo section of the wardrobe.
- Fixed doll and chibi positioning in Lunas lap sitting events.
- Fixed inconsistent use_head variable in Hermione talk events.
- Fixed Lunas doll position inconsistencies.
- Fixed Snape chibi positioning during Hermiones strip event.
- Fixed outfit item names in the store UI.
- Fixed missing outfits directory.
- Fixed Lockhearts autograph tattoo being assigned to the wrong category.
- Fixed Outfits delivery time.
- Fixed bug that prevented Slytherin from getting daily points from Snape & Tonks on easy difficulty.
- Fixed clothes blacklist not respecting requirement levels.
- Removed skipping animation due to poor reception.
- Removed unfinished, prototype feature from phoenix menu.
- Removed subpixel positioning to reduce the overhead.
- Refactoring and optimizations.