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Witch Trainer Silver

Witch Trainer Silver android Android



It's still the same Witch Trainer only with added mods and a decent amount of new content. In it added some new scenes, new favours, a map, scene changes, potions, custom and evolving outfits.

Witch Trainer Silver game androidWitch Trainer Silver game androidWitch Trainer Silver game androidWitch Trainer Silver game androidWitch Trainer Silver game androidWitch Trainer Silver game android

Additional Information

OS Required: Android 5.0+

Developer: Mo, Silver Studio Games, AKABUR

Release date: 30.03.2024

Version: 1.46.1

Genre: Adventure, Dating Sim, Parody, Nudity, Corruption, Humiliation, Blow Job, Masturbation, Group Sex, Bukkake, Big Tits, Sex, Tentacle, Anal


English English


- Added CDS decorator and converted existing CDS into it.
- Added dynamic CDS.
- Refactored image chunker.
- Refactored achievements status and lock methods.
- Refactored common functions.
- Refactored format strings.
- Refactored parts of the wardrobe and studio.
- Fixed shadowing of built-ins.
- Fixed FileTime translation mishap.
- Fixed mutables in object signature.
- Fixed Lunas favour menu crashing the game.
- Fixed mixed paths in outfit import feature causing a crash on Windows devices.
- Fixed paths in outfit import on all other devices.
- Fixed imported outfits not appearing on the list of outfits.
- Fixed zorder issue with Tonks office outfit accessory.
- Fixed missing imports.
- Removed unused imports.


Writing & Storytelling:
- Added new dialogues for all gift items for Luna.
- Added new chit-chats for Luna.
- Added new Tier 4 favour level for Luna.
- Added new Talk To Me favour event chain, including multiple CGs.
- Added new Suck It favour event chain, including multiple CGs.
- Added new Inspect Body favour event chain, including multiple CGs.
- Added new Masturbate For Me favour event chain.
- Added new nicknames for Luna, Genie and his penis (?).
- Added new nickname dialogues for Hermione.
- Added new Talk To Me sections for Hermione.
- Reworked Hermiones Cumslut public request event chain to include new and improved scene, incorporating various clothes support in writing, and other.
- Improved Hermiones chit-chats.
- Improved card game one-liners.

- Added nail polish for Luna.
- Added new piercings for Luna.
- Added Tank Top & Shorts Outfit for Luna.
- Added Bimbo Outfit for Luna.
- Added Cumslut Outfit for Luna.
- Added Latex Outfit for Luna.
- Added Flasher Outfit for Luna.
- Updated Lunas base model artwork.
- Updated artwork for Heart Glasses.

Improvements & QoL:
- Updated Renpy Engine to version 8.2.1, and updated the codebase.
- Improved memory handling and call performance.
- Improved skipping performance by delaying the render calls until skipping ends.
- Improved threading.
- Improved character random location on the map and door menu.
- Improved camera panning smoothness in certain events.
- Improved loading screen.
- Improved updater error handling.
- Implemented matrixes support for body layers.
- Implemented nested store support for call_replay method.
- Implemented reset method for events class.
- Implemented multiple achievements popup handling.
- Implemented alternate styling for the say box window to be used during CG scenes to avoid obscuring the view.
- Added autosave toggle option.
- Added cum layers for Luna.
- Added new decorative frame for vertical CGs.
- Added new transforms and transition effects.
- Added new sexual activity vars for Luna.
- Added new logo.
- Simplified zorder assignments for CGs.
- Simplified screen calls.
- Updated save compatibility to work with 1.45.0+ versions of the game.
- Updated credits.

Refactoring & Bug Fixes:
- Refactored and hastened common methods and functions.
- Refactored and improved interface code.
- Refactored global variables to not use names reserved by Renpy and its modules, and removed unused ones or replaced with dynamic variants.
- Refactored error handling.
- Refactored achievement systems.
- Refactored player inventory, door menu, stats menu, desk menu, cheats menu.
- Refactored choice looping by utilising menu labels.
- Refactored image manipulators and transforms.
- Refactored Genies layeredimage.
- Refactored common CG image constructors.
- Refactored mailbox to avoid circular references.
- Refactored menu positions.
- Refactored sort methods.
- Refactored weather systems.
- Refactored doll show methods.
- Replaced python calls with native renpy calls where applicable.
- Replaced lists and tuples with iterators where applicable.
- Replaced Python 2 code leftovers with proper Python 3 implementation where applicable.
- Replaced blank image references with Null().
- Replaced mutables in signatures where applicable.
- Removed external dependency for the colour picker.
- Fixed wrongly assigned parameters inside Bodyparts class, causing certain mods to break.
- Fixed grammar.
- Fixed an edge case where choosing mudblood nickname for Hermione would result in empty dialogue if her character did not progress past a certain point.
- Fixed an issue where Hermiones outfit would suddenly reappear when picking naked option during sex.
- Fixed sorting of numbered doll layers starting with double digits.
- Fixed missing whore collar unlock method call inside the event.
- Fixed scene gallery not working correctly.
- Fixed mistyped character references inside dialogue.
- Fixed an issue with Tonks auror coat sleeve.
- Fixed issues related to linting.
- Fixed inaccessible Hermiones dialogue branches in Talk To Me favour.
- Fixed broken animation timers for certain room elements, like clouds.
- Fixed missing module import during lint phase.
- Fixed an edge case during save update processing where a missing label could break the save irrecoverably.
- Fixed say box fade not being hidden during certain events.
- Fixed Waifu Book Ending 01 being unobtainable if endings were obtained in non-sequential order.
- Fixed misaligned main menu labels.
- Fixed misuse of undocumented renpy methods.
- Fixed conflicting ATL properties.
- Fixed string interpolation in screens.
- Fixed implicit return statement in gifts menu.
- Fixed misuse of strings in facial expression calls.
- Fixed stale images being displayed when threading is enabled and no image was called in a while.
- Fixed outfit deletion tab not updating the list of items
- Fixed Tonks public requests menu crashing due to an omitted result type.
- Fixed achievements being granted in replay scope.
- Fixed cardgame TypeError crash during random matches.
- Fixed mods warning for compatible mods due to old var reference.
- Fixed mistakenly excluded ExampleMod from releases.
- Fixed updater server-side code. (AGAIN!!)
- Fixed updater issues with logos.
- Fixed modpath getting mods subpath appended to it recursively with each clone.
- Fixed skipping not updating doll renders properly.
- Fixed puzzle generator outputting invalid combinations due to the lack of floor division.
- Fixed skipping callback handler being affected by rollback.
- Fixed layering issue when more than one layer contains a zorder modifier.
- Fixed whitespace calculation for non-wardrobe elements.
- Fixed an issue with floats when expecting an int.
- Removed manual image rebuilding in wardrobe (superseded).
- Removed junk.

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