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Ben X Slave Quest

Ben X Slave Quest android Android



A parody trainer game based on the Ben 10 franchise, train Gwen and more characters into the perfect slut.

Ben X Slave Quest game androidBen X Slave Quest game androidBen X Slave Quest game androidBen X Slave Quest game androidBen X Slave Quest game androidBen X Slave Quest game android

Additional Information

OS Required: Android 5.0+

Developer: Kdot, Newman

Release date: 12.06.2021

Version: 0.05e

Genre: Adventure, Torture, Slave, BDSM, Strip, Masturbation, Trainer, Turn-Based Combat, Blow Job


English English


- Fixed a layering issue for enemies in combat
- Fixed and issue revolving losing the Julie fight
- Turrets only assault you once now
- Some other minor stuff

- Fixed the temp_cleavage grey screen
- Removed old bra code (Leather_strip_loose_bra)
- Stat balls realigned
- You should no longer end up randomly defeating Julie after a patrol
- Combat should run smoother on Android now
- Other stuff (we totally remember what we did)

- You now get warned before fighting a certain set of brothers
- Everything now resets properly when you hit "Restart fight"
- KeyError: u'combat_Big_bro_0_throw' fixed
- Slutty outfits are now properly on sale
- New background image for the main menu to show it's a test build
- There's some additional stat cleanup after combat now
- Fixed a Gwen lust exploit
- Fixed an issues after being defeated by Julie twice
- Someone got some additional lines after you visit them in their cell
- Julie's shot now looks as powerful as her animation makes it look
- Liam caws more now
- Slightly increased the cash flow
- One of Gwen's morning visits wasn't happening in the morning (which would lead to a grey screen)
- Shar has learned how to properly send selfies
- Changed blocked shots for bosses

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