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Set in a small suburban town, a young man finishing up High school and soon enlisting into College is struck by the death of his father. Mysterious circumstances surrounding the death are only the beginning of his problems as he learns that his family is in dept to a group of shady criminals. Adding to the list of problems, our young hero needs to save enough money before his College semester begins and find a date for his prom night!

Summertime Saga doesn't have a strictly linear development, you are free to visit any part of the city whenever you wish, and interact with all the characters you meet along the way. But only three events can be completed per day, after that you must go to sleep, starting a new day.

Your protagonist has a series of attributes which can be slowly improved as you participate in events. For example, improve your charisma by competing in rap battles, or your physical attributes by going to the gym.

One of the most interesting elements of Summertime Saga is, like most 'visual novels', you can develop romantic relationships with many of the characters. Learn more and more interesting details about the character's backstories as you get to know them better.

Go on an adventure with Summertime Saga! You'll enjoy the entertaining (and sometimes a bit risqué) story, numerous subplots, and strikingly good graphics.

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Additional Information

OS Required: Android 5.0+

Developer: DarkCookie

Release date: 05.05.2020

Version: 0.20.1

Genre: Adventure, Visual Novel, Dating Simulation, Big Tits, Masturbation, Sex, Lactation, Breastfeed, Jerk Off, Peeping, Anal, Blow Job, Incest, Oral Sex, RenPy


English English



- Added a notice for when a save has been migrated, and what to expect as a result.

Bug Fixes:
- Updated Cassie, Ross and Rump cookie jar scenes to use correct backgrounds.
- Fixed Mia and Jane's cookie jar scenes to ensure they repeat correctly.
- Ensured achievement ping gets dismissed after viewing achievement list.
- Delayed ability to purchase beach house until after the main story intro.


New content:
- The Main Story - Part One!
- Added apartment complex location.
- Maria, Josephine and Tina can now be impregnated.
- Expanded Bank location.
- Expanded Dealership location.
- New minigame.
- New minor characters: Tina and Nadya.

Gameplay Touch-ups:
- Improved pizza delivery minigame experience.
- More detailed backgrounds and evening variants for some existing locations, including: Beach, Glazies, Library, Planet Thiccness, Police station
- Dimitri and Igor character art has been updated and expanded.
- Dynamic backgrounds continue to roll out, providing more focused dialogue backgrounds.

New Features:
- Support for scripted phone calls to add variety to character interactions.

- Reworked phone to drastically reduce CPU usage and make parts translatable.
- Reimplemented the pizza delivery minigame.
- Optimised for consistent play-speed and smoother frame rates.
- Made delivery more consistent; aim Anon's head at the front door.
- Art has also received a touch-up and been re-exported to reduce seams.
- Tuned the dynamic background code to be quicker and less memory hungry.
- Better support for perennial backgrounds (i.e. those without time variants).
- Stat check notifications have been moved out of dialogue to a separate UI element.
- Passed stat checks are now also shown, so branches are a bit more visible.
- Cutscene transition standardisation continues, with many more updated.
- ATM performance has been improved.
- The shower rota roulette has been improved to offer more flexibility.

Bug Fixes:
- Resolved crash in phone caused by having no active quests.
- Enabled Consuela to carry twins, as always intended.
- Restored erroneously unused Diane cutscene asset.
- Fixed 100s of minor spelling and grammar issues.
- Reordered layer to show posing for some Consumr dialogue that was previously obscured.
- Removed possibility of taking Consuela to a locked church during her job hunt.
- Renamed the regular beaver plushie to be an otter to match its depiction.
- Corrected some of the flower names in Cupid.
- Updated some dialogue where the player's chosen name for Debbie or Jenny was not being respected.
- Switched to using the correct background during Debbie's day zero phone call.
- Fixed player name alignment on report card.
- Improved sleep prompt during Mia's call for help quest.
- Remedied the time of day in which Grace & Odette's date takes place.
- Fixed issue with daylight background being used at night during Jenny sex visits.
- Taught Micoe to give accurate information about the location of Pregnax, Priya and the lab.
- De-duplicated Jenny when she'd appear in the recovery room and at home after giving birth.
- Prevented a segment of Eve's dialogue triggering prematurely on weekends.
- Given Debbie the ability to correctly identify a baby's gender.
- Fixed Anon's internal virginity tracking so he can be honest in the game with Eve.
- Updated a few instances where an incorrect blur was being used in the background.
- Removed some disused/superseded assets.
- Added some rails to Jenny's ElectroClit quest to help avoid blocking other quests making use of Pink.
- Fixed visual oddity occurring on entering the school for the first time.
- Restricted access to Debbie's panties while she's in the room to prevent a conflict.
- Resolved multiple blocking quest conflicts with Jenny mentoring Roxxy.
- Removed an unneeded Bissette quest prompt that would play at the wrong time and without any background.
- Fixed multiple visual and gameplay issues in Roxxy's first study quest.
- Prevented being able to jump start Diane's breeding partner quest the night before.
- Added confirm step to stat resets in order to give a second chance to people that don't understand.
- Improved school sneak quest rails to prevent accidental triggering of other quests.
- Revisited pregnancy updates such that they play in sequence instead of only the first.
- Fixed Annie's button at her house to use correct dialogue.
- Limited Richard and Lucy's dialogue prior to taking delivery of Diane's milk for continuity purposes.
- Guarded against soft-lock when fooling around with Debbie instead of completing Diane's route.
- Prevented the search dialogue prompt in Jenny's room playing if she is present.
- Repositioned a Diane button that was trying to escape through the ceiling.
- Removed a redundant dialogue option from Ivy's button menu.
- Restricted Lucy's dialogue options about kids to when she's in the daycare.
- Removed the pregnancy minigame once insemination has already occurred.