Once at a Party

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In honor of receiving the post of the Mayor of a small town, Frank invited to his home the influential people of the city for the celebration, among them was the businessman Old Ben with his busty wife Sindy and twenty-one-year-old nephew George. The wife of Frank, whose name was Mary, was an old friend of Sindy, she shared her problem with her. It turns out that she had not had sex for two months, but Sindy also had the same problem. Apparently their husbands they were no longer interesting, because in the foreground they had work. This celebration was for them a good opportunity to find someone to fuck with. You will witness how Mary will make a blowjob under the table to Mr. Donovan, and then how she will fuck with the young George, who will see her for that. Also see how the Old Farmer will fuck his boss's wife Sindy, while he will lie drunk as a pig at the celebration. After that, you will see how Donovan's plump wife will catch them fucking and blackmail will cause Farmer to lick and fuck her.

Once at a Party game androidOnce at a Party game androidOnce at a Party game androidOnce at a Party game android

Additional Information

OS Required: Android 4.1+

Other: Adobe AIR required (to download)

Developer: Porn Games

Genre: Adventure, Visual Novel, Big Breasts, Blow Job, Sex, Anal, Cunnilingus, Blackmail, Adultery, Flash


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