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The girl Ryuko Matoi, who traveled with a giant half of scissors as a weapon, went to Honnouji's academy to find the owner of the other half of the scissors that killed her father. There, she summoned to the battle Satsuki Kiryuin, the strongest, merciless and arrogant girl, the president of the student council, who knew something about scissors and was related to the murder of her father. But during the fight, Satsuki, with her strength, influenced Senketsu - a live school sailor uniform Ryuko, who gave her carrier a tremendous amount of power, clouding his mind. He tied Ryuko in the sky, and then began to caress her body and fuck her. Without making a single blow, Ryuko received a crushing and humiliating defeat, so she did not find out anything.

Kill la Kill game androidKill la Kill game androidKill la Kill game androidKill la Kill game android

Additional Information

OS Required: Android 4.1+

Other: Adobe AIR required (to download)

Developer: ZONE

Release date: 27.02.2015

Version: 1.0.0

Genre: Animation, Hentai, Sex, Anal, Rape, Tentacle, Paizuri, Anime, Oral Sex, Flash


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