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Demon Angel SAKURA: The Forbidden Mirror

Demon Angel SAKURA: The Forbidden Mirror android Android



Heaven and hell. A realm of angels, a realm of demons. Two opposite worlds connected by a "gate", a neutral vast stretch of space. The two worlds rarely interact, due to the negative effects of each realm's "silk" which cripples anyone from the opposite. Somehow, demons sneaked into heaven and stolen one of their treasures, the forbidden mirror. Queen Anastasia calls on angel Sakura to go to hell and bring it back. Sakura is immune to the effects of silk... but not to its many other threats!

Watch out, there's plenty of weird and even grotesque scenes: eating alive, monmusu enemies, giants, pissing, milking, phlegm, anal penetration, jizzblasts, etc.


There is a boy who has the characteristics of both an angel and a demon. He is the only angel in existence who is unaffected by the Hell Element. Because he has the characteristics of a demon, he felt rather inferior living in Heaven, which may be why he has an obedient personality.


The queen of Heaven. She has an all-encompassing aura about her, and many angels look up to her. She commands Sakura to travel to Hell to find the "forbidden mirror". But what is her true motive...?


A wind spirit living in Heaven (actually, she is a being created by wind spirits). She is utterly disinterested in other people, and doesn't defer to queen Anastasia in the least. The only exception is Sakura, to whom she has formed an unusual attachment. Since she is a spirit form she is both corporeal and not, and she can become one with the wind at will. Still, she almost always stays in her corporeal form.

Boss battles

1) Sakura's health. This drops when he takes damage, and if it reaches 0 the game is over. If health falls below 3 hearts, Sakura's clothes will rip and the enemy may perform a restraining attack.

2) The boss' health. This drops when the boss takes damage, and if it reaches 0 the stage is cleared. Many bosses become more difficult when their health falls below 50%.

3) Feather icon. Only shown during jumps. Each feather lets you jump in mid-air once. Feathers recover when you touch the ground.


Blue button: Shoots a ball of light. If you have a supply of these you can shoot them all at once.

Red button: Stocks up balls of light. You can stock up to 5 at a time. Shoot them all at once with the Blue button. If you stock up 5 balls of light, their color will change. This indicates their power and range increases. It's a good idea to try and stock up the maximum amount whenever you can.

The directional buttons on the bottom left of the screen.
Up: Jump, air jump
Left and right: Move
Down: crouch

Crouching reduces the height of your hit box. Useful for avoiding attacks.

Feather icon: Only shown during jumps. Each feather lets you jump in mid-air once. Feathers recover when you touch the ground.

Being restrained

■If Sakura's life falls below 3 hearts, some attacks may put him in restraint.
■Restraint gauge: Continuously drains while restrained. If this reaches 0, life begins to drain instead. If all life is drained the game is over and an adult scene involving the boss will play.
■While restrained you can rapidly press the controls for left and right in succession to break free.
■The restraint gauge will not refill during the fight, so it is important to break free quickly.

The back button
The mobile version of the game features a white rectangular button in the top left corner of the screen, except on the title screen. You can use this button to return to the map screen or the title screen at any time.

Demon Angel SAKURA: The Forbidden Mirror game androidDemon Angel SAKURA: The Forbidden Mirror game androidDemon Angel SAKURA: The Forbidden Mirror game androidDemon Angel SAKURA: The Forbidden Mirror game androidDemon Angel SAKURA: The Forbidden Mirror game androidDemon Angel SAKURA: The Forbidden Mirror game android

Additional Information

OS Required: Android 7.0+

Developer: Kokage no Izumi

Release date: 30.04.2023


Genre: Action, Anime, Hentai, Fantasy, Monster Girl, Big Tits, Cunnilingus, Tentacle, Lesbian, Sex, Anal, Double Penetration, Voyeurism, Rape, Masturbation, Urination, Titsfuck, Reverse Rape, Shota, Humiliation, Fetish, Blow Job, Compulsion, Tiny Tits, Small Dick, Strip


English English

Japanese Japanese


- Compatibility with Android 13 and above
- Changes to the key configuration
- Added the "Unlock All Extra" function at the top of the settings screen
- Added the key configuration function to the settings screen
- Re-recorded the voices of Kazari, Dark Sakura, and Treant Girl
- Reduced memory usage
- Reduced app size
- Changed the screen size to wide-screen
- Improved operability
- Various other minor fixes.

- Fixed a bug that screen display became strange after battle with slime girl

- Fix to prevent player character from going out of the screen

- Corrected terms
Tenso → Heaven Element
Maso → Hell Element
- Fixed a bug that message window will close before the voice is finished.
- If the screen size to less than 800 × 600, Fixed a bug that expires display near the screen outer edge in the part of the screen.
- Fixed a condition that Very Easy mode is enabled in "when it is 8 times the game is over."
- In the case of game pad, modified to the same operation as the ESC key at the same time press the 4, 5, 6, 7 buttons.

- It became possible to distance regulation in jump.

- Fixed unnatural at the time of a new line. Fixed matter some of the characters remained in Japanese.

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