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In the boundless emptiness known as the World ovary, two worlds move together, known to everyone as Paradise and Hell. These worlds are connected by a gate, but in the atmosphere of each of them there is a special element, which for the inhabitants of the opposite world is a poison. In Paradise it is a heavenly element, and in Hell it is an Infernal element. Therefore, the worlds almost do not contact each other. But one day from Paradise the warriors of Hell are stolen by the Forbidden Mirror, and in order to return it back to Queen Anastasia orders Sakura - the only angel on which the Hell element does not act, go to Hell and return it. Therefore Sakura passes through the gate to hell's full danger to fulfill the task assigned to it.

In Game:
- 4 difficulty modes: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard.
- 5 enemies: Slime, Lamia, Treant, Skylla, Dark Sakura.
- 8 sex scenes.
- There is a hidden sex scene with Kazari, which becomes available after passing the game.
- There is the Extra mode, in which you can watch all the sex scenes of the game and listen to all the game music (opens after passing the game).

Hidden sex scene:
In order to play the hidden sex scene with Kazari, you need to select Continue after passing the game in the main menu, and then select a place on the Heaven map. Then select Heaven from the menu that appears and view all the dialogs. Then, when Sakura comes up with Kazari to the portal, Kazari will ask Sakura to go with her - there will be a menu consisting of two items, you need to choose Okay. After that you will go along with her to the cave in which she will make you a cunnilingus, after which Kazari will become available to you in the Extra mode.

Demon Angel SAKURA -The Forbidden Mirror- game androidDemon Angel SAKURA -The Forbidden Mirror- game androidDemon Angel SAKURA -The Forbidden Mirror- game androidDemon Angel SAKURA -The Forbidden Mirror- game android

Additional Information

OS Required: Android 4.0+

Developer: Kokage no Izumi

Release date: 10.01.2015


Genre: Action, Action/Adventure, Anime, Hentai, Monster Girl, Fantasy, Eaten, Big Breasts, Paizuri, Cunnilingus, Tentacle, Tribadism, Masturbation, Urination, Anal


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Japanese Japanese

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