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Framboise - sexy blonde silly that thanks to its stunning figure, large breasts and a cute face is able to get any men. Like all young girls, she loved to party, so frequented nightclubs. She was not interested in such a thing as love and pure feelings, because she wanted to be free, living in the pleasure and fucking with anyone. During her chaotic life she broke the hearts of many guys, and destroyed a lot of loving couples and families, about that was not sorry. Probably because of that her once and punished, because she in some way found herself completely naked in the castle teeming with zombies, ghosts and demons. Now, in this hell she would have to go all out to fight for his life, trying to get out.

In game:
- You need to overcome the 10-kilometer distance, avoiding dangerous obstacles and enemies.
- Running speed increases as you progress through the distance.
- 4 types of obstacles: Burning Barrel, Syringe Rotator, Ceiling Slime, Spiked Mine.
- 4 types of enemies: Zombie, Balok Ghost, Echu, Dramba Robot.
- It is possible to use: a jump, double jump and triple jump, and take life and extra protection (shield).

Framboise in Hell Castle Run game android

Additional Information

OS Required: Android 4.0+

Developer: Pink Pencil

Release date: 17.09.2016

Version: 1.0

Genre: Action, Erotic, Horror, Run, Monsters


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