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On a small island lived and worked hard in the family workshop of a renowned gun-dame young daughter named Sarah. She helped her mother in the smithy - drained bullets brushed locks and adjust triggers triggers. Her mother was the legendary master, and because they have always had a lot of orders. Every day he was treated fairly important people serve to enforce the law, but sometimes it has been accessed and those whose thoughts were covered with darkness and cruelty, just from one such client, and killed her entire family. Miraculously alive Sarai living for revenge bounty hunter known as Miss Fortune, which has built its reputation on the mountains of corpses and crowds caught the dregs of society. But like any ordinary woman she sometimes longed for love and affection, and since she had no time to look for a pair fall in love and then she had to have sex with criminals caught it.

In Game 6 of the image of the girl: Pirate, Naked, Secret Agent, Candy Cane, Arcade, Pool Party.

- In order to select a specific skins of a girl you need to press your finger on the corresponding object placed in the room.
- To select an skin Pool Party Miss Fortune, click on the glasses lying on the barrel.
- To select an skin Naked Miss Fortune, click on the piece of cake with a candle standing on the table next to the rum.
- To select an skin Secret Agent Miss Fortune, click on the pearl necklace weighing a chest of gold.
- To select an skin Arcade Miss Fortune, click on the game console lying on a box near three candles and shrouded rope.
- To select an skin Candy Cane Miss Fortune, click on the red Christmas balls lying on a box next kernels.
- To select the default skin, click on the Pirate boots standing on the floor near barrel.

Miss Fortune's Booty Trap game androidMiss Fortune's Booty Trap game androidMiss Fortune's Booty Trap game androidMiss Fortune's Booty Trap game android

Additional Information

OS Required: Android 4.1+

Other: Adobe AIR required (to download)

Developer: The Lusty Lizard

Version: 1.1

Genre: Animation, Sex, Anal, Big Breasts, Dress Up, Cosplay, Flash


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