Panchira TOWN 4 -The Sauna District-

Panchira TOWN 4 -The Sauna District- android Android



Guy after a few months of hard work finally decided to go to relax in the city Panchira. He chose this city because of the fact that there have been located in the mountains of the famous hot springs, which are very popular among people. In addition to the sources, there have been more different places of entertainment: a striptease club, a shooting gallery, a massage salon and a beautiful romantic place where you can relax watch the beautiful night sky. But another important feature is that the city is always a lot of wanton Panchira stunning girls who do not mind to have sex. Help our hero how to break away on the long-awaited vacation.

In Game:
- 14 girls
- 7 Places to visit: Strip Club, Information desk, furniture, Hot Springs, Tyre, Table tennis in the onsen, massage.

Strip Club - In it you will see an erotic dance with a burning slowly undressing beauty, which will end in sex with her.

Information Office - Cute girl in kimono tells about the sights in the city Panchira during his explanation, and that is where, demonstrates his legs and bare ass. 

Arbour - It meets a girl in a kimono, which after the hot springs watching a beautiful sunset. During the conversation, saying sweet words, from which it is demonstrating its beautiful body gradually undresses, then crooking her cancer ebёm.

Hot Springs - spying through a hole in the fence for four bathers and a young girls undressing.

Tyre - Shooter on the strip where you first shoot at the figures and then flying things, exactly the same as a girl. If you manage to ten shots to knock down all the figures and flying things, the woman you jerk.

Table tennis in onsen - Here you can play table tennis on the strip with one of the two girls, and in case of victory fuck them vibrator.

Massage - In the hotel you can use the services of masseuses, which will make you a great relaxing massage, and if at the same time ask them to massage certain places, and then we can have sex with them. If you want to sisyastaya masseuse you masturbate, suck and began having sex with you, then select the actions in this order: 1, 3, 2, or 3, 1, 2, and then click Yes.

Table tennis:
In table tennis you need to beat the filing girl after the ball will hit once on the table on your side. Each submission will be beaten off the tenth hammered it.

Management in table tennis:
A single touch on the screen - The movement of the racket
Double-tapping on the screen - Hitting the ball

Tyre Management:
Please press your finger on the gun and hold are conducting up or down to move the gun, and then when you installed it in the desired position let go of the finger to shoot.

Panchira TOWN 4 -The Sauna District- game androidPanchira TOWN 4 -The Sauna District- game androidPanchira TOWN 4 -The Sauna District- game androidPanchira TOWN 4 -The Sauna District- game androidPanchira TOWN 4 -The Sauna District- game androidPanchira TOWN 4 -The Sauna District- game android

Additional Information

OS Required: Android2.2+

Other: Adobe AIR required (to download)

Developer: fuel-brain

Release date: 17.12.2012

Genre: Simulation, Hentai, Anime, Big Breasts, Erotic, Sex, Strip, Shooter, Masturbation, Handjob, Blow Job, Ping-Pong, Peeping, Shooting range, Flash


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